The Hong Kong government arrested the former Hong Kong “Apple Daily” deputy director, chief writer, and executive editor. Hong Kong Journalists Association: White Terror| Apple News Network| Apple Daily

Many Hong Kong media reported that the former Hong Kong “Apple Daily” executive editor Lin Wenzong was arrested this morning and is currently temporarily detained at the Changsha Bay Police Station. Prior to this, several former executives of “Apple” in Hong Kong had been arrested and charged with collusion with foreign forces and other crimes of national security law in the port area. In addition, the former vice president Chen Peimin and the former chief writer Feng Weiguang (Lu Feng), who had been arrested but were allowed to hand in the insurance, were arrested today. The Hong Kong Journalists Association has issued a statement accusing the police of spreading white terror to the industry.

Chen Peimin was arrested in mid-June along with the other four top officials of One Media. He was later released on bail and was arrested again this afternoon. In addition, Feng Weiguang (Lu Feng), the chief writer and English director of Hong Kong “Apple”, was also arrested for the second time today. It is reported that both of them, like Lin Wenzong, were accused by the police of related crimes related to the National Security Law.

“Apple” in Hong Kong was forced to announce the suspension of operations on June 23 due to the government’s suppression, arrest of high-level officials, and freezing of relevant bank accounts and funds, and ceased operations after the last issue of the newspaper was issued on the 24th. On the evening of the 23rd, Lin Wenzong was still in the editorial department of Apple Daily and participated in the editing of the last issue of the newspaper.

Lin Wenzong’s girlfriend revealed that at 6 o’clock this morning, 5 or 6 plainclothes police officers went to their residence in Saigon to arrest Lin Wenzong and took away computers, telephones and other items. Lin Wenzong’s girlfriend also said that Lin also knows that he is at risk of being arrested when he is engaged in journalism. “He will not be unprepared (arrested).”

The National Security Service of the Hong Kong Police Force raided the “Apple” building in Hong Kong in August last year and arrested the founder of Next Media Li Zhiying. On June 17 this year, it searched and arrested two senior officials and three journalists from Next Media Group. Among them, Zhang Jianhong, chief executive of One Media, and Luo Weiguang, editor-in-chief of Apple Daily, have been detained for the crime of conspiring to collude with foreign countries or endangering national security by foreign forces, and Lin Wenzong has been in the editorial department since then. Chen Peimin was also arrested on June 17, and was subsequently allowed to pay the insurance.

On June 23, the Hong Kong Police Guoan arrested the editor of “Ping Lun” for the Hong Kong “Apple” under the pseudonym “Li Ping”, prompting the newspaper to announce that it would cease operations on the same day. As of the evening of June 27, the former chief writer of Hong Kong “Apple” Lu Feng (real name Feng Weiguang) was also arrested by the Hong Kong police before leaving the Hong Kong airport. He was granted security 2 days later. He was scheduled to report to the court next Monday, but was arrested again today. According to the “Stance News” report, Chen Pei-min was arrested downstairs in his apartment at 3 o’clock this afternoon and taken to Tseung Kwan O Police Station. Later, he will be transferred to Sau Mau Ping Police Station. Feng Weiguang was detained in Wan Chai Police Station.

The Hong Kong Journalists Association issued a statement stating that several senior and editor-in-chief of Hong Kong’s “Apple Daily” have been arrested in recent months, but the newspaper ceased operations as early as the end of June, expressing its indignation against the Hong Kong authorities repeatedly against journalists of the same organization. , Was also shocked and puzzled by the police arrest of a former employee of a media organization that had ceased operations. The HKMA asks the government not to arrest journalists repeatedly in the name of “national security”, spread white terror to the industry, and explain in earnest how news and publishing work that has been carried out legally in the past and should be protected by the Basic Law can endanger national security. The Association said that today is a time of turbulent weather, and calls on all colleagues in the industry to continue to guard their posts and encourage them to walk together.

Hong Kong netizens also questioned the timing of the Hong Kong police targeting Hong Kong’s “Apple”, because today is the third anniversary of 721 (the violent incident in which people in white clothes in Yuen Long attacked the public). , Was deeply dissatisfied. Many netizens left messages saying: “I want to divert 721’s attention again” and “I want to distract 721.” Some netizens think this is related to the sanctions imposed by the United States recently: “In fact, it may be retaliation for the sanctions against the Liaison Office “Sure enough, every time I was sanctioned, I would look for a Hong Konger to vent my anger.” “I couldn’t raise my head to be a man outside, and went home to beat my children to vent my anger.

Some netizens believe that there is no basis for targeting Hong Kong’s “Apple”: “They also arrested (arrested) Apple Daily staff, but not high-ranking officials who violated the law.” “Which foreign power is it?” “Auntie Sweeper should also be arrested together. La! Work together to conspire?” “Everything absurd will happen in Hong Kong today.” (International Center / Comprehensive Foreign Telegraph Report)

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Update: 17:40 (New Hong Kong Journalists Association statement added)


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