The horoscope of February 10, 2021

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You might want to break the rules, refuse the prohibitions, show that you are not a sheep and that you do not follow the instructions to the letter. It is the strength of Aquarius, where six planets are located until Friday, to rebel and not follow … It is rather the type to precede, to anticipate, and the general climate of this new Moon could precisely speaking of revolt. Mainly because we are still subject to health constraints.


In Aquarius today, the Moon meets Saturn and gets angry with Uranus. If you were born in April, you are swinging between the desire to send everything for a walk and that of listening to your sense of duty while remaining wisely where you are … However, the need to free yourself from any form of constraint could be stronger than anything. 2nd decan, born at the beginning of May, the meeting between Venus and Jupiter is very active these days and you may be offered a sort of promotion … to come.


Unless you have a Leo, Taurus or Scorpio ascendant, you will be very satisfied with the good surprises that life has in store for you and, if you are from the 2nd decan, with a meeting that could be promising. She can be both professional and loving in nature. However, it would seem rather that this relationship is likely to make you progress socially; someone who would serve as a guide and for whom you would admire you to the point of wanting to be like him.

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With six planets in Aquarius, it’s not just about money, it’s also a sector of the sky that speaks of transformation, regeneration, resilience. Your year 2020 has been really, really bad and you may be (or on the verge of) “remaking” yourself, telling yourself that you can perhaps start over on new bases and do something new with old. … This could indeed be the result of the dissonance between Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future).


Six planets are in front of you, in your sector 7 of relations, this can only create imbalance. There are too many forces and energies in 7 and not enough in you, in Leo. Would you be dependent on what others do and decide and want to rebel? This is very possible since this situation is too restrictive for you and you have no other solution than to firmly refuse what is imposed on you. Especially 1st and 2nd decan.


A lot of times Virgo’s job is to heal others and when you don’t make it your job, you are surrounded by people you think you can heal. It happens that in the family, you are the “medicine” of one of your parents. All this to tell you that Aquarius (occupied by six planets) is your sector of work but also that of health, treatment and care that you can give to others or that you can take. This is perhaps what is being highlighted at the moment.


The planets in Aquarius occupy your sector 5, the one that makes you say, think, prove that you exist, that you matter in the eyes of others. But it is also a sector that speaks of beauty, yours, that of others or that of the objects that surround you or that you often go to contemplate in museums, exhibitions, when there are any! It is therefore possible that with these six planets in sector 5, you want more than ever to contemplate beauty, or to create (which you are capable of).

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The planetary cluster of Aquarius is called a “doriphoria” and it occupies your sector 4, which manages your intimate world, your emotions, as well as family and home. The setup could be positive for those looking, say, for housing (born around November 4), but there is contestation in the air, even anger for those born around November 10. As for the 1st decan, it undergoes a situation that can create anxiety and even anguish.


Your home planet, Jupiter, is conjunct Venus at this time and if you were born around December 4th, you may have a great opportunity to grab without delay. You will have to be quick when it does present itself because it could escape you if you are not reactive. A meeting can also be in the foreground, a funny relationship could be born made of complicity and affinities. But this relationship could remain superficial, not evolve.


Your master planet is Saturn. She left your sign in December and moved to Aquarius. Currently, she is in exact dissonance with Uranus (planet of Aquarius), an aspect that could be unsettling for those born in December, or even early January. Apart from possible eating disorders, we are forced to return to the material aspect (represented by Aquarius) and the fact that with Saturn in this sign, you can both amass and miss. Given the general situation, it is rather the lack that should dominate.


The Moon is in your sign and is preparing to meet the Sun tomorrow, as Venus has entered into conjunction with Jupiter. It would be wonderful if Mercury, also in your sign, was not in dissonance with Mars and causing controversy. Not to mention the Saturn / Uranus misunderstanding we talked about yesterday. But there are those for whom this situation will be eminently positive, especially those born in late January and early February.


The dissonance between Mercury and Mars is accurate today, you probably won’t echo it on a personal level (except Ascendant Aquarius), but it is clear that there will be an argument around you, or you will witness a scene that you will find aggressive. Especially since you hate all forms of conflict and violence. You will not be able to play the calming role you would like to play, preferring (rightly) not to interfere in other people’s affairs.

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