The horror of Passenger Testimony about a Boeing 777 Engine Burning in the Air

Washington DC

Incidents of burning aircraft engines United Airlines which airs to Hawaii on Saturday (20/2) local time to create the Federal Aviation Authority United States of America (USA) or the FAA is increasing its inspections of aircraft types Boeing 777 that.

As reported by CNN, Monday (22/2/2021), FAA Administrator, Steve Dickson, stated that increased inspections were made of Boeing 777 aircraft equipped with Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines. Some of these types of aircraft, Dickson said, will be grounded from service.

“We reviewed all available safety data after yesterday’s incident,” said Dickson, referring to the incident with the United Airlines airline.

“Based on preliminary information, we conclude that the inspection interval should be increased for perforated fan blades unique to this engine model, which is only used on Boeing 777 aircraft,” Dickson said in the statement.

It is known that the Boeing 777-200 aircraft operated by United Airlines on the Denver-Honolulu route experienced an incident with one of the engines burning in the air shortly after takeoff on Saturday (20/2) local time.

Fortunately, the plane carrying 241 passengers and crew managed to land safely after flying back to Denver International Airport.

Following the FAA announcement, United Airlines said in a statement that it had “immediately” grounded 24 of its Boeing 777s, which are equipped with Pratt & Whitney 4000 series engines, citing “extreme caution”.

In an incident on Saturday (20/2) local time, one of United Airlines’ 777-200 aircraft engines experienced a loud explosion and caught fire in the air shortly after takeoff. The cause of this incident is still being investigated.

Photos and videos from the passengers showed one of the plane’s engines spitting flames and debris falling to the ground under it. When this incident occurred, people in the suburb of Denver rushed for cover to avoid the debris that fell from the plane.


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