News The Hospital Clinico San Carlos, in a WHO trial...

The Hospital Clinico San Carlos, in a WHO trial on Covid-19


A Madrid public hospital, the San Carlos Clinic, is the first in Spain to participate in a global trial coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO) on coronavirus treatments. Thousands of patients from at least 45 countries will participate in the trial and their goal is to obtain evidence on the efficacy of the treatments being applied to hospitalized patients positive for Covid-19.

The clinical public hospital San Carlos will contribute to the study the first diagnosed, to which others from ten other Spanish health centers that have adhered to this clinical trial, which is called “Solidarity”, will be added. As Antonio Portoles, director of the Research Institute of the San Carlos Clinic in Madrid, explains, “There is currently no treatment for Covid-19”: “The World Health Organization is conducting this clinical trial with several antiviral options.” The center he directs will be the first in Spain and the second in the world to join this unpublished study.

Change course
Portoles recalls that “research in treatment and prevention is what can change the course of this pandemic.” The WHO expert group recommended evaluating

Four treatment options in this international trial include products such as Remdesevir, Ritonavir, Lopinavir, Interferon, and Chloroquine, alone or in combination.

Patients participating in this trial do so on a voluntary basis. Five possible variants will be applied: the standard non-anti-infectious treatment of the hospital, or this in addition to any of the five mentioned above. If for medical reasons it is considered appropriate, the patient may be withdrawn from the study at any time. The results will be reviewed by an independent world committee.

At the moment, no medication has a proven value against Covid-19. What the researchers are looking for now is to find out if any of these treatments slows down the progression or improves the survival of a disease caused by a new virus.

The Spanish Medicines Agency, they recall at the San Carlos Clinic hospital, has processed in record time the authorization so that the trial could begin at the center this Saturday. It will be carried out through the Foundation for Biomedical Research at the San Carlos Clinical Hospital, which promotes and coordinates this study in Spain through the SCReN clinical research support platform.

From the Ministry of Saniad they detail that the study is going to have a huge sample size: thousands of patients from all over the world. It is designed to be able to adapt to the evolution of the process and the information that is obtained. .


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