The hospital presented the award to 8 innovative development teams 2P Safety Tech

The hospital presents the 2P Safety Tech award for the year 2022 to 8 teams that develop innovations in patient safety and public health personnel.

Quality Assurance Institute (Public Organization) or hospital organizing a competition to present innovations 2P Safety Tech at the World Patient Safety Day And the day of patient safety and health personnel in Thailand on September 17, 2022, with 8 finalist teams competing in this competition.

There are four categories of prizes in the competition: The Best of Change Award, The Best of Care Award, The Best of Collaboration Award, and the Rising Star Award.

For the team that won the award in The Best of Change category, there are 2 teams consisting of 1. Somdej Phra Phutthalertla Hospital. Samut Songkhram Province in the work of Somdej EVD Safety and Sure, which is the development of an innovative intracranial hypertension monitoring tool (ICP Monitoring) for use in brain surgery. This tool will allow doctors to monitor intracranial pressure during surgery more accurately and safely. The innovation has been developed in 3 versions. The latest version can monitor ICP on both sides. Accurate data collection. The average measurement time is reduced. and the user satisfaction level is more than 90%.

2. Hat Yai Hospital, Songkhla Province in the Digital Transformation project It is the use of modern technology to solve the problem of delays in the transportation of patients in the hospital, consisting of 4 solutions: 1.SMART HY-Display, which shows the screen of the transportation process. From requesting to closing so that the applicant and the patient can see the work process clearly. 2.SMART HY-Evaluation Assessment of the stretcher’s work in the form of analysis via Excel and in real time 4.SMART HY-Stock is a smart crib system which is developed from the system of staff in the center with QR Code for the benefit of viewing the number of cribs and stretchers in real time.

While the Best of Care award has 1 team winner, Hat Yai Hospital, Songkhla Province, with the innovation of ICU without walls, which is an allocation system for ICU rooms that are allocated according to the patient’s weight and survival chances by bringing the AI ​​system into Let’s help assess which patients should be allocated a bed.

In addition, in addition to The Best of Care award, ICU without walls innovation also received 1 popular vote from the participants in this event.

In this regard, ICU without walls will have 2 parts of software. Part 1 is the software showing the status of the ICU bed according to the severity level. Make it known that any patient has severe symptoms. which one has mild symptoms In order for the doctor to determine in case of need to move a room to have an empty bed, which patient to move and part 2 is an online bed booking software. When registering for a bed The system will evaluate, analyze and prioritize patients who will receive beds according to various conditions such as internal diseases, surgery, congenital disease, current disease of the patient. Required procedures in the ICU, risk and severity of disease.

The Best of Collaboration award has 1 team winner, Rayong Hospital, Rayong Province, with innovative Mobile Application for Stroke Digital Fast Track & Identification. It is a information management system for stroke patients. By changing the data system from Silo based that originally used by different network hospitals to record data into a single database, all data in the network hospitals are the same data set and there is a patient tracking system from start to destination. Makes preparing for treatment faster Because it is real time data, timeline, sequence and notification can be seen when it is too close to time. This allows the care team to make arrangements for more timely treatment.

Meanwhile, in the part of the Rising Star award, there are 4 winning teams, consisting of 1. Bueng Samphan Hospital, Phetchabun Province. Application system to track patient symptoms during dental treatment. to prevent a medical emergency It is a smartphone app that works with the Pulse Oximeter. It is cheap, easy to use, just plug the Pulse Oximeter at the patient’s fingertips. The system will alert if the patient has signs of an unconscious or critical condition while performing dental work. This makes dentists have more confidence in providing services.

2. Somdej Phra Naresuan Maharat Camp Hospital, Phitsanulok Province: 2P Safety in ER innovation, which is an IoT system to help solve the problem of misidentification by using RFID Tracing Identification as a wristband and NAH 2P Safety app showing pictures and patient information Patients are confirmed before each procedure, and there is also a Triage AI system using NAH AI logic to assess the patient’s symptom level.

3. Chiraprawat Camp Hospital, Nakhon Sawan Province: Smart MDC (Smart Medical Device Center) innovation is a suitable RFID tag attached to the medical device and integrated with the Smart CSSD system to help track the status of surgical instruments. There is an alert system when the calibration cycle is approaching, which will notify the responsible person via email.

and 4. Sakon Nakhon Hospital, Sakon Nakhon Province, an innovative automatic dispensing system for emergency medication and dispensing (Stat Dose Quick Stock). It is a Stat Dose system that helps patients, especially stroke and sepsis patients, access pills faster Solved the problem of the distance between the drug depot and the emergency room that caused the patient to receive medicines late. This system has developed a Stat Dose cabinet and arranges the medicines that will be placed in the cabinet according to the color of the emergency room. especially anticoagulants and antibiotics There is a separate drug inventory system with a control system to report the remaining amount of medicines and a notification system when the doctor prescribes. This allows the nurse to quickly walk to the Stat Dose to pick up the medicine.

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