The host of the program “Live Healthy” Elena Malysheva visited the 67th City Hospital

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A new infectious block for patients with coronavirus is deployed there. She shot a report on her phone.

The women’s locker room is the gateway where doctors completely change into protective suits.

Masked hard. It is necessary to correct the mask so that the infection does not get – on both sides, do not touch the center. But it’s better not to touch her at all.

On March 27, seven people were in intensive care. On mechanical ventilation, not a single person. It’s good.

– How many days have you been lying?

– I got here on the 25th.

“We only wish you one thing: get well soon as soon as possible.”

All patients breathe humidified oxygen. It is important.

All doctors in white suits and masks. No faces are visible. Angels in white work here day and night.

Epidemiologists are developing an infection protection system for everyone and monitoring its implementation.

– Tatyana Anatolyevna, you are the first person whose name and patronymic are written on his chest. Why such an honor?

“She’s an epidemiologist.”

This hospital was launched in 10 days. Head doctor A.S. Skoda lives here for 10 days without going home. Dr. K.A. Pokrovsky is his first deputy. He doesn’t leave either.

– I barely managed to get home. Today at six in the morning they were already here.

“None of the doctors got sick?”

– No, thank God.

Disinfection is the most important part of the work of the infection department. Processing with special solutions is carried out every hour throughout the entire building. Disinfectants are respected people. The health of all employees and patients depends on them.

– There is a current disinfection, there is a focal disinfection, there is a post-focal disinfection, as the patients arrive.

If there are no contraindications, the patient can choose a table.

These are really heroes. Without pathos and strain. Professional and funny!

– Elena Vasilievna, these are absolutely heroic people, without pathos. Do you know why? In addition, firstly, they did not sleep for 15 days. Do you know why? Firstly, they were preparing this clinic, and secondly, they had already worked in Sheremetyevo before that. And in Sheremetyevo when the work was over, they all returned here.

Dr. A.L. Hunchbacks. At home, a wife and a son are waiting. Take care of yourself!

– Alexei Leonidovich, who is waiting for you at home?

– At home, wife, son. But for safety, my wife is waiting for me by June.

The oldest patient is 106 years old !!!



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