the hour of the clarines has sounded in the South-West

After a year of scarcity, the bullfights resume on Sunday June 13 in Gamarde (40), with Daniel Luque and Ginés Marín in mano a mano. Forty paseos are on the menu in the region, with limited gauges

La taurine temporada in the South-West was to begin on Saturday June 12 in Bayonne with the festival in tribute to Rafael Cañada. Due to the oval derby between L’Aviron Bayonnais and Biarritz Olympique, it has been postponed to a later date. It is therefore on Sunday June 13 that the first clothes of lights will shine and resound clarines and clogs in the Landes plaza of Gamarde-les-Bains, with at 5 p.m., six toros by Zacarías Moreno for Daniel Luque and Ginés Marín in mano at mano. The bullfight will be preceded at 11 am by a hold with Jean-Baptiste Lucq.

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