The Huawei P50 will be the first smartphone to natively ship HarmonyOS

No longer able to use Googles mobile services (GMS) on Android, and despite the effort to offer an alternative with HMS (Huawei Mobile Services), the group Huawei will begin to offer its first smartphones under its own operating system.

HarmonyOS 2.0 begins to be distributed to developers in beta version on certain existing smartphones of the Chinese brand, while waiting to offer the first mobile devices that will use it directly.

According to the site, the first smartphone using HarmonyOS will be the Huawei P50, which must be announced during the first quarter of 2021. The rumor of a launch of Huawei’s mobile OS directly from the high-end would therefore be confirmed.

The manufacturer should continue to jointly offer smartphones running Android and HarmonyOS / HongmengOS (the version for China) next year. In addition, compatibility with Android applications should be possible at least in the early stages, before a possible complete switch to Huawei’s mobile OS.


The interface should remain very similar to that of EMUI, the manufacturer’s overlay affixed to Android. The difficulty will be to convince developers to create versions of their applications compatible with the new mobile OS.

The transition could be done at a rapid pace as Huawei plans to port HongmengOS to 100 million mobile devices as of next year.


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