The huge “rant” of Jean-Pierre Pernaut against Emmanuel Macron, he is very angry!

Jean Pierre Pernaut once again took advantage of his television news to criticize President Emmanuel Macron. For several months, Nathalie’s husband Marquay does not hesitate to say what he thinks about the decisions of the government. During the entire period of confinement, the famous journalist from TF1 had also not mince words. And despite his upcoming retirement in December, the emblematic presenter of TF1 is still not ready to be silent. When something bothers him, Jean-Pierre Pernaut speaks as usual!

During his speech on Wednesday 14 October last, President Emmanuel Macron spoke to the French. During this speech, the statesman had announced his new measures to deal with the covid-19 pandemic. They had announced the curfew that was going to take place in eight of the largest French cities. That is to say a total ban on driving between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. Unless there is a valid reason, it will therefore be prohibited to go out at night in all of its towns. During this question-and-answer game with Anne-Sophie Lapix and Gilles Bouleau, President Emmanuel Macron had also spoken of today’s youth. “ It’s hard to be 20 in 2020 (…) I will never teach our young people a lesson. These are the ones who honestly live a terrible sacrifice: canceled exams, anguish for training, to find the first job ”Declared Brigitte Macron’s husband.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut

He said he really sympathizes with the difficulty encountered by young people when they are often in difficult situations. For the Head of State, the youngest of the French are part of the category of people who use the RSA and APL the most. Emmanuel Macron had therefore announced that he was going to grant exceptional assistance to young people. In the coming weeks, an extraordinary bonus of 100 euros should therefore be paid. All these decisions taken by the government and by the president obviously immediately provoked a large number of reactions. Media French and foreigners seized the images of this intervention in order to analyze them in great detail. And without being asked, Jean-Pierre Pernaut had also decided to give his opinion.

The day after Emmanuel Macron’s appearance on the screens, TF1’s editorial staff were obviously interested in the event. All the teams took the opportunity to do a quick survey of young people they met in the street. Journalists wanted to know what they thought of the way Emmanuel Macron saw them. But in view of the responses, the priority of the young people was rather how to avoid the curfew. The atmosphere was therefore far from gloomy. Jean Pierre Pernaut therefore concluded this report with a short sentence that did not go unnoticed. It was a barely disguised arrest made to the Head of State “ Not easy to be 20 years old !!! “ a ironically the star presenter of TF1.Neither 30, nor 40, nor 70 for that matter, I can tell you ”He continued sarcastically. The future retiree is therefore taking advantage of his last opportunities to throw his last arrows at President Macron. It has actually become a habit for the television man.

From March to May, the presenter had not hesitated to openly criticize the government’s choices with little murderous phrases. Jean Pierre Pernaut was particularly offended by the closure of beaches in the spring when shopping centers were crowded. During the weekend of May 1, the journalist cried out his anger to see small florists forced to close while large gardening stores could accommodate hundreds of people. But despite his upcoming withdrawal from television news, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is not determined to be silent.

At the head of the newspaper presentation since 1988, the TV man continues to enjoy his freedom of tone. After more than 30 years of uninterrupted presentation of the newspaper, Jean-Pierre Pernaut is always a keen observer of the world around him. If some people sometimes reproach him for a lack of reserve, he on the contrary seems very proud to say out loud what others think quietly. Its notoriety did not besides never denied over the years. And only his personal choice will finally have it discarded of his television news. If some already dreamed of silencing him a few months ago, it is finally Jean-Pierre Pernaut himself who will have made the decision to leave.

In view of her great popularity, her replacement will therefore have to take up a hell of a challenge to match her audience scores. Coming from France 2, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau is therefore faced with a huge challenge. But the journalist also seems to have a lot of skills and especially the desire to succeed. The handover of power between the two television professionals should take place in a few weeks. But in the meantime, Jean-Pierre Pernaut seems perfectly ready to assume its role to the end. He remains a very critical observer of events. And we can bet that if it turns out to be necessary, he will not hesitate to speak again and give his opinion.

If Jean-Pierre Pernaut is indeed going to leave his chair of the television news, he does not put a final end to his career. He admitted, a few weeks ago, that he still had some interesting projects with TF1. ” I am not leaving this profession, nor the TF1 group, nor the links that bind me so much to you. I can already tell you that I will continue to animate in one way or another our beautiful operation SOS Village and the election of the most beautiful market in France in particular. We are preparing a new major magazine on the infinite riches of our land, a new digital program where I will meet you regularly in a new program that will look like me on LCI. I will tell you more in a while ”He announced. Before coming back to his surprising choice for some: ” I know that my decision to stop at 1 p.m. will surprise a lot of you. I have carefully, very carefully considered it. The 1 p.m. and me, it’s a truly extraordinary adventure thanks to you. It is a turn that I will take at the end of the year. I hope so with you too. But until then, beware, the 1 p.m. continues! “. Obviously, Jean-Pierre Pernaut keeps its promises. Because as well the JT may his little remarks to the government continue well …

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