The humor of the Argentine scene in the Naves del Español (Madrid)

Madrid, Sep 29 (EFE) .- Texts ranging from high comedy to farce and parody, from realism to black humor and magical realism to Argentine manners or the absurd arrive at the Naves del Español, in Madrid, in a cycle of dramatized readings from October 2 to 10.

“The theatrical pieces that we offer in this cycle try to show some articulations of Argentine humor in the scene”, explained this Wednesday the stage director and coordinator of the cycle, Jorge Cassino.

The humor of the Argentine scene reaches the Concrete Room of Naves del Español, in Matadero, through “Argentine Lectures”, a cycle of dramatized readings, organized in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Argentine Embassy.

These readings invite you to discover authors such as Diana Raznovich, Cristina Escofet, Jimena Aguilar and Rafael Bruza, who are some of those selected to integrate this 7th cycle of dramatized readings of the humor genre.

But this humor is not only found in the dialogues and reflections of the characters in these pieces, “but in the situations they go through, in the scenic resources and in the physical gags that the director and performers may encounter during rehearsals,” he adds.

Somehow, humor creates an intimacy and communion between the author and the viewer by breaking their isolation. “If crying is private, laughter is collective: a social gesture and also, why not, a medicine, a form of catharsis, to laugh at what, otherwise, would not cause us any grace,” he says.

“Argentine Lectures” features a scenic space design by Lúa Quiroga, lighting design by Lola Barroso, costume design by Laura Ferrón, and sound space design and composition by Irma Catalina.

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