The hundredth session will take place this Friday with ‘Biba Zuek!’

He will complete 100 sessions this Friday ‘Biba You!’ programs. About 250 people have passed through More than 100 people from Basque society and culture took part in the discussion. To celebrate, this year will feature guests from the 100-year-old football team, passionate fans of Alaves, and the writer who recently wrote the 100th book: Antton Kazabon.

Then Vidal Salcedo the doctor will discuss cholesterol. What is bad cholesterol? And how good? What effects does it have on our body? Vidal will answer these and many other questions.

On the other hand, the second hour guest Elixabete Garmendia will be a journalist. They will talk about the book he has released ‘The Charm of the Little Nanogune’ and his career. Mikel Markez and Jon GarateThanks to the episodes of, we will be able to get to know Elizabeth better. It is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 18:00 on ETB1.

The thief is revealed, in ‘Go! Azen’

The thief of Basakabi will be revealed in the twelfth episode of the TV series ‘Go! Azen’. About 1,000 euros were stolen from the end office, and Igor directed his suspicions to Garazi. But it’s still unclear who stole all that money, or why he wanted it. In the Friday section, the real thief will be known and it will be seen how they are caught.

The robbery is not, however, what Maddi is responsible for. If he wants to go to the US, he will have to apply for a scholarship for artists and, in order to be accepted for the scholarship, he will have to sing in front of a jury. But it costs a lot to perform in front of people. Although it was a matter of last year, he still remembers the Maialentxu pottery affair, and it is full of complexes.

Eider and Eneko, on the other hand, have to find out what they want to do with their relationship. They first cut him off because Eider didn’t like Eneko’s attitude. Then it seems to have been an approach. What will they do in the end? Every Friday, at 9 pm, there will be a new episode of the TV series “Go! Azen” on ETB1.


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