the hypothesis of infanticide followed by suicide!

Thursday around 7:00 p.m., the firefighters of Liège intervened in support of the emergency zone 4, Vesdre, Hoëgne and Plateau on the fire of a vehicle at number 32 of the rue du Fort in Blegny. When they arrived there, large flames emanated from the vehicle that was. The firefighters quickly noticed that a charred body was behind the wheel of the car.

►► It seems that Alphonse was not doing well: our informations

During the evening, the magistrate on duty, the laboratory of the federal police, the examining magistrate, as well as a forensic doctor descended on the scene of the fire. “According to first elements, it would seem that it is an infanticide followed by a suicide, but it is for the moment only a hypothesis”, indicated Catherine Collignon, first deputy of the public prosecutor. The latter said that the autopsy of the bodies will take place during the day Friday. An examination that will undoubtedly answer several questions.


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