The Iberian art with which Picasso illuminated ‘Las senoritas de Avignon’ and paved the way to cubism




«It has been said that ‘The young ladies of Avignon’ It was the first painting to bear the mark of the cubism, and so it is. It is also said that she was influenced by black art, but that is not true. Do you remember the affair I got involved in when Apollinaire stole a statuette from the Louvre …? They were Iberian figurines. Well, if you look at the ears of ‘The Ladies of Avignon’, you will recognize those of those same statuettes ». Picasso confesses that it was Iberian art, and not African, that with his atavistic power led him to an experimentation that marked a turning point in his career, leading him to the birth of modernity with ‘Las senoritas de Avignon’ and the


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