The Ibex-35 saves the session at the last minute and by the minimum

The Ibex-35 managed to save the session at the last minute and by the minimum. At the close, the selective was scored 0.05%, to give a final change at 9,385 points. This, after being the majority of the session in negative and mark minimums of the day in the environment of 9,340 points.

The best indicators of the day were the PSI-20 in Lisbon and the British Ftse 100, with gains of 0.83% and 0.67%, respectively. The German Dax advanced 0.34%. In red, the Ftse Mib in Milan ended, leaving 0.60%, while the French Cac 40 fell 0.07%.

In the selective Spanish, ArcelorMittal led the promotions, with a revaluation of 1.88%. Next, Repsol and Acerinox were placed, with gains of 1.2% and 1.02%, respectively. Among the greats, Telefónica also highlighted, which closed the session with a 0.98% rise. In addition, the large banks closed in green: Santander and BBVA recorded 0.54% and 0.43%, respectively. Iberdrola closed the session with a revaluation of 0.29%. It was this handful of values ​​responsible for saving the Ibex-35 from the cuts.

In red, Ence was the value that fell the most: it fell 4.65%. Cellnex was left more than two percentage points. Aena, Ferrovial and Indra lost more than one percentage point.

In the General Index of the Madrid Stock Exchange, Amrest led the promotions, with a rise of 5.22%, while Vértice won just 5%. In red, OHL was the worst, with a 6.29% cut. It was the only value that fell more than Ence.

The keys of Wall Street

At the close in positive in Europe in general, and in Spain in particular, it helped that Wall Street started the day in positive. At the close of the European session, the Dow Jones advanced 0.30%, while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq were practically flat. The American Stock Exchange had several sources of momentum that counteracted the bad news. First, on Boeing: despite its poor results, it announced that, after regulatory approval of the return to service of 737 MAX, it will gradually increase its production from 42 to 57 annually. Also on Apple, to which Morgan Stanley raised the target price. Bad references were given by the quarterly figures of Texas Instruments and Caterpillar. The negative impact of the latter, especially its future prospects, was mitigated by the announcement of a share buyback.

In Europe, the main references came from the United Kingdom. On the one hand, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson met with Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn to discuss the new Brexit agenda. On the other hand, in Europe, the decision to allow a new extension for the departure from the United Kingdom is expected to be taken next Friday. This would be until January 31, with the possibility of a departure before that date. And there is speculation that Emmanuel Macron can see the Brexit extension, which would lead to a forced exit without agreement. Although this last speculation seems to have Johnson as a source.

The British pound, despite everything, gained positions slightly against the dollar: at the close of the European session, 0.13% was appreciated with respect to the greenback.

On the macroeconomic front of the euro zone, we have consumer confidence data prepared by the Conference Board: it fell, in its advanced reading for the month of October, from -6.5 to -7.6 points, when I expected it to be placed at -6.8. Disappointed expectations.

Currency, debt and raw materials

The euro, meanwhile, remained unchanged with respect to the euro at levels of 1,1122 units.

In the debt market, bond yields fell. The interest of ten-year American securities fell from 1.76% to 1.75%. The performance of its comparable Germans went from -0.37% to -0.40%. The profitability of Spanish bonds also fell: from 0.25% to 0.24%.

In the commodities market, gold gained positions: at the close of the European session it advanced 0.4%, to $ 1,495 an ounce.

Oil also moved higher. The barrel of Brent, a reference in Europe, rose 1.16%, to $ 60.39. West Texas, a benchmark in the United States, earned 1.9%, up to $ 55.17. This, after the US government published a surprise drop in crude oil inventories in the United States.

Session keys:

– The Ibex-35 closed the session with a rise of 0.05%, to give a final change at 9,385 points.

– ArcelorMittal led the promotions in the Ibex-35, with a rise of 1.88%.

– Ence was the worst of the day, with a 4.65% cut.


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