The ICU occupation does not stop in Manizales

Elizabeth R. Rojas

LA PATRIA I Manizales

The occupation of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) in Manizales closed last Sunday at 64.85%, which indicated the yellow alert in the city for covid-19. The day before it had reached 67.78%, with orange being the name of the day. This from a total of 235 spaces available.

Although there is a slight decrease among the municipal figures, local authorities ask citizens not to lower their guard in self-protection measures, since coronavirus cases are still expected to increase after the celebrations of December 24 and 31. What we live today is the product of the disorders seen in the middle of the month, at the time of Christmas shopping.

The departmental percentage is close to that of Manizales. The Territorial Health Directorate of Caldas (DTSC), also closed on January 3, 2021, showed 63.8% occupancy, which left the area on a yellow alert. As of December 4, 279 ICU beds were registered.

What’s coming

Carlos Iván Heredia, director of the DTSC, was concerned about what is to come in new cases during the current month, given that December was a month of “irresponsible behavior” by citizens.

He added: “We are seeing the impact of the social indiscipline experienced on the weekend of December 18, 19 and 20 now. We will have to wait for the results of the celebration of Christmas Eve and New Year.”

The manager pointed out that, from the second week of this month, a very complicated time will come in which health services will be at full capacity, which will require more attention for this particular disease.

“When we are months away from the vaccine, we cannot lose all the effort made so far, we must continue to take care of ourselves. People know the protection rules, we need them to take ownership of them.”

Sad balance

Heredia said that if citizens feel tired, more so are health professionals who continue to fight the virus in their workplaces. They too are dying.

LA PATRIA learned yesterday of the death of doctor Édison Díaz Morente, Emergency Coordinator of the Juan N. Corpas Clinic in Bogotá. He died in Pereira on January 3, at the age of 48, after having spent a few days in Manizales with the Mission Colombia initiative.

“He had no comorbidities. It is presumed that he was infected here in the city, what we do not know is whether it was inside the institution or outside it. He tested positive on November 27, so he was isolated at that time. he was referred to the Los Rosales Clinic where he died, “said Orlando Ríos, director of the Versalles Clinic.

Your accounts

Representatives of leading health institutions in the city were consulted about their occupation as of yesterday with respect to ICU beds. This they replied:

María Elizabeth Bedoya, Nurse Auditor of the SES University Hospital of Caldas

We have a Critical Care Unit with 40 beds, with an occupancy of 74%. In general hospitalization we are for 90%, of 109 beds.

The ideal now is that people continue to take care of themselves. You should continue to store the insulation, wash your hands continuously and wear the mask.

Carlos Piedrahíta, manager of Hospital Santa Sofía

We have 47 ICU covid-19 with 30 occupied beds. That is, above 63.8%. In general hospitalization we are at 100%, we have 126 spaces.

Patients are arriving in very bad condition. They are not seeking advance care and are being allowed to die in the houses. They arrive with cardiorespiratory arrest and die at the door of the hospital.

It went from red to yellow alert due to the number of deaths registered in recent days, not because hospitalization has dropped. People have to continue with biosecurity measures. Otherwise, this will get worse.


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