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The IDB approves aid for US $ 1.65 billion in six countries; will give a non-refundable loan to Haiti

The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) approved eight financial operations for Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Haiti, Honduras and Uruguay pfor a value of US $ 1.65 billion.

The operations to which they will be destined are aimed at strengthen public finances, reactivate the economy and improve health services, water and sanitation, and transportation.

These funds are also expected to contribute to improving resilience to natural disasters, food security, the business climate and connectivity in rural areas, among other areas, the IDB reported in a statement.

Within this aid package there are two loans for Argentina for a total of 500 million. The first seeks to finance access to public health services for the population of the Province of Buenos Aires, and the second to improve the safety of road networks in the same area.

A loan for US $ 80 million was approved for Brazil to improve the coverage of drinking water and sanitation in Manaus, as well as for urbanization projects, digital transformation and inclusion of gender and diversity.

The loan for Ecuador rises to 400 million and will serve to finance a program to strengthen the institutional and regulatory framework to improve the business climate, promote international trade, and improve financial stability and access to financing.

For Haiti, the IDB has planned a non-reimbursable financing for US $ 60 million It will improve the food security of rural households, including the country’s farmers, fishermen, seafood traders and rural workers, by promoting rural productivity and connectivity to markets.

This project will be co-financed with 18.3 million from the Global Program for Agriculture and Food Security.

In the case of Honduras, the 400 million loan will help to face natural disasters and public health and it will cushion the impact that a natural disaster or a severe or catastrophic health event may have on public finances.

Finally, the IDB approved two loans to Uruguay for a total of 210 million. The first, of 145 million to promote the post-pandemic economic and fiscal recovery, with measures to protect the income of vulnerable households and increase the liquidity of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.

The second loan for Uruguay, of 65 million, will be used to invest in the rehabilitation of different road sections.


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