The idea of ​​the Fullbus start-up to avoid empty journeys by coaches

No empty trips! This is the watchword of
the Bordeaux start-up Fullbus. “For five years, my father has been a coach driver in Gironde after a retraining. It really bothered him to return empty on long journeys like from Madrid to Bordeaux or from Strasbourg to Saint-Jean-de-Luz, ”says Bordeaux Clémence Camby, 24 years old. While she is a communication student, the idea is gaining ground and at the time of her final thesis in 2019, she decides to develop a company offering empty seats for tourist coaches for sale. Clément Léonard and Léa Lajaunias, classmates, joined her to finalize the project and the Fullbus company was created on June 1, 2021.

Clément Léonard, Léa Lajaunias and Clémence Camby together created Fullbus. – Fullbus

Running-in requires, Fullbus only offers a dozen trips at the end of July after contracts with companies present throughout France. In July, Fullbus estimates the number of potential travelers at around 1,500, from around thirty journeys (Versailles-Bordeaux, Bordeaux-Angers, Bordeaux-Poitiers, Marseille-Monaco, etc.) offering an average capacity of 50 places throughout France. “We sign our contracts little by little, over time,” comments Clémence Camby. Our objective for the month of August is to develop our offer a little more in Paca, Brittany and the Bordeaux region. “

Fullbus adapts to the services of somewhat atypical companies (Bordeaux-Marmande, Paris-La Réole), while trying to make the most of the places left empty. “When we take new routes, we think with companies to offer stops in intermediate cities in order to develop their offer and guarantee a few more passengers,” says Clémence Camby, but always with a view to not over-constraining the driver. driver, whose driving time and mandatory breaks must be respected ”.

Small prices

On the Fullbus site, prices are fixed and established according to the number of kilometers traveled. They do not vary according to the season or the reservation deadline. For example, journeys of less than 100 km are offered at five euros. The idea is to offer low prices knowing that the trips are made, with or without passengers. The majority of the receipts are transferred to the companies and the company Fullbus is remunerated on the remaining sum.

The touring coach companies have necessarily welcomed the Fullbus approach, especially in a context marked by a health crisis which has greatly reduced their activity in recent months. The Bordeaux start-up manages sales from the operating planning of coach companies, relations with travelers and after-sales service.

A mobile application is being developed by Fullbus, which is giving itself three months to refine its offers and get full success.

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