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The Idolmaster Shiny Colors

One of the best illustration designs in the iMUS brand

We will deliver “Imus Diary” that covers topics related to the “Idol Master” series developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Person in charge: Hibiki Azuma


The 3rd swimsuit illustration pick-up for 2022, and finally the last one will be delivered from “Idolmaster Shiny Colors”.



“Chiyoko Sonoda” and “Kaho Komiya” playing in the sea on floating rings. The appearance of spending time elegantly is elegant, but also has a colorful and fairy-tale atmosphere. Unfortunately, it’s a delusion between the two of them…


▲[murmurmaid]Mami Tanaka

Speaking of fairy tales, this is the 3 cute mermaid sisters: “Mabimi Tanaka”, “Kiriko Yukoku”, and “Yuka Mitsumine”. There is a filter that says that you know the personalities of the three, but the facial expressions and swimsuit designs that let you know the characters at a glance are excellent.


▲[Summer around 100 million times]Nichika Nanakusa

“Nanakusa Nichika” is a beach house full of tropical feeling, where you can wear a swimsuit with a tropical design and a sun visor. The expression on his face seems to be a little embarrassed and embarrassed, but you can see the inside out of the happiness that the “producer” has come, and the story that tickles the parent’s heart is excellent.


▲[When the moon is full with you]Tsukioka Kogane

“Tsukioka Kogane” during gravure shooting at the night pool. It has a floating light that looks like a lunar globe, but it’s a romantic sight as if you caught the moon reflected in the water. Her pensive expression gives off a sexy appeal that draws you in, making it an attractive piece.


▲[Watani kahere]Morino Rinyo

This is “Rinyo Morino” standing by the waterside in the forest. The light of the fireflies is reflected on the surface of the water, creating a fantastic sight. It is an exquisite composition that allows you to see either the water surface or the fireflies directly ahead of the line of sight of the ephemeral expression.


▲[Tehe♪]Ai Izumi

While playing a beach ball with the producer, Ai Izumi accidentally fell down. Her shy expression with her tongue sticking out shows her innocent cuteness. However, she is more than that, she is a sexy shot where you can see the outstanding proportions of the top class among 286 pros.

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The Idolmaster Shiny Colors

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