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A cover song where you can enjoy the skill of the voice actors

We will deliver “Imus Diary” that covers topics related to the “Idol Master” series developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment.

Person in charge: Hibiki Azuma


“Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage” (hereinafter “Dereste”) is currently collaborating with “Uma Musume Pretty Derby” (hereinafter “Uma Musume”).

In commemoration of the collaboration, a free once-a-day Platinum Audition Gasha campaign and a pose of the “Gold Ship” that appears in “Uma Musume” have been added to the “Photo Studio”. As a collaboration song, Azumi Waki ​​(playing Sanae Katagiri), Ruriko Aoki (playing Riina Tada), and Naomi Ozora (playing Chieri Ogata) sang “Umapyoi Densetsu”, a cover of “Umapyoi Densetsu”. SE etc. are also implemented.


As for the covers, the above three people have also appeared in “Uma Musume”, with Wake playing “Special Week”, Aoki playing “Air Groove”, and Ozora playing “Tamamo Cross”. In other words, the head family sings it solidly, and it is also shown at live performances, so it feels like “no cover or anything”.

Six years ago, in 2016, “Dereste” collaborated with “Granblue Fantasy” (hereinafter referred to as “Granblue”) and released a cover of the “Granblue” song “Kimi to Boku no Mirai”. Implemented. Here, Nao Higashiyama (playing Mizuki Kawashima) is participating, and she also sings the same song as “Luria” in “Granblue Fantasy”, so it was the same situation as this time.


However, Mr. Higashiyama, as a matter of course, had different singing styles for each character as a separate role.


It’s the same with this time’s “Umapyoi Densetsu”, Waki-san is a little mature, and Aoki-san is bright and energetic, making a clear difference. Mr. Ozora is particularly different. “Tamamo Cross” who plays in “Uma Musume” is a Kansai dialect with a strong Kansai dialect, and has a hot personality that pushes his spirit and guts to the fore. On the other hand, “Ogata Chieri” is a completely opposite character because she is quiet and withdrawn. “Umapyoi Densetsu” by “Chieri Ogata” shows off a cute singing style with whisper, and the impression completely changes. In the cover, you can hear and compare the differences in the acting of each voice actor and their skillful techniques, so I want you to do more and more.


By the way, on “Paka Tube!”, the official channel of “Uma Musume”, a video of one of Uma Musume “Vodka” dancing to “Onegai! Cinderella” is uploaded. Ayaka Ohashi, who plays “Vodka”, plays “Uzuki Shimamura”, the center of the Cinderella Girls, and this is also a video that makes you want to tsukkomi.

At the moment, only “Umapyoi Densetsu” has been implemented, but in the case of a large-scale collaboration, there is a pattern in which other songs will be implemented, so I would like to look forward to that as well.

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