The ignition of the challenge between Mohamed Henedy and Van Dam .. and the battle “at the foot of the pyramid”

The verbal battle between global action star Jean-Claude Van Damme and Egyptian comedy star Mohamed Henedy erupted on social media platforms, after Heneidy announced his challenge to Van Dam in a combat match that brought him together “at the foot of the pyramid”, and it was the last of its chapters after Van Dam’s response, to Henedy’s challenge, saying: “I received a call to hell to fight the greatest comedian in the Middle East… What do you all think, should I accept the challenge?”

Heneidy’s response came immediately, via Facebook, saying: “We are men who came from the bottom of Hell and formed us, and we will bring him back again.”

And Mohamed Henedy, before challenging Van Dam to fight, through a satirical post he published, yesterday, Saturday, through his personal account on “Facebook”, where he posted a picture of him while he was macho in one of the scenes of the movie “The Great Bean of China”, next to a picture of Van Dam And he commented on her: “I’m still on my word… a match without laws… in a Hell-in-Cell cage… on one condition… your two hands stay tied.”

And the beginning came a few days ago, when a picture spread through social media platforms and social networking sites, which gathered the action trio in Hollywood cinema, Belgian Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chinese Jackie Chan, and Indian Shahru Khan, and this image that collected the trio of power was described as “an image that radiates unparalleled luxury.” Limited”, so that the star Henedy intervened and responded with full force, by publishing a picture that he collected with action and comedy stars in Egypt: Karim Abdel Aziz, Ahmed El-Sakka, and the late Alaa Wali El-Din, saying: “An image that shines more.”

The star, Van Dam, replied, joking Henedy: “Get ready for the combat challenge, right, Mr. Sharqawi,” referring to the character of Mohi Al-Sharqawi, which Henedy presented in the movie “The Great Bean of China.”

triple force

triple force


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