The illness has now appeared in France

2024-06-24 04:15:00

Lyme illness, tick-borne encephalitis, and Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF). On October 24, 2023, the French Public Well being Service introduced that the primary detection of COVID-19 in France CCHF virus in ticks Belongs to the species Hyalomma marginatum and is obtained from cattle.

The virus is normally asymptomatic or hardly ever symptomatic (virtually no signs) and typically causes hemorrhagic fever with a mortality charge of as much as 40%.

Though no human instances have been recorded in France, the danger of an infection is actual as ticks are discovered all through the Mediterranean, in Corsica (the place ticks have been current for 50 years), and within the Ardèche and Drôme departments. Since 2013, Spain has recorded 13 indigenous instances of CCHF.

Why is it referred to as Crimea-Congo?

“The pathogen was first found in Crimea (a area of Ukraine annexed by Russia in 2014) in 1944 through the Crimson Military’s advance. In 1969, throughout an epidemic in Congo, scientists realized that the virus concerned was associated to the 1944 The virus is similar. A assessment of an article revealed on the tenth. dialogueSimon Bessis, infectious ailments doctor and researcher on the Pasteur Institute.

How do ticks turn out to be contaminated?

This illness seems in Listing of 9 precedence pathogens Established by the World Well being Group, it’s an endemic illness that spreads from Asia by Southern and Jap Europe to Africa.

It’s in these areas tick an infection, feeding on the blood of the host. They’re then transported by migratory birds over the territories they fly over.

Then they will set up themselves there. “We consider that in the present day’s local weather change has led to greater temperatures in summer time, decrease humidity, and better minimal temperatures in winter, which is conducive to the institution of such locations,” the infectious illness knowledgeable defined.

How did people turn out to be contaminated?

Grownup ticks feed on massive mammals, whereas larvae and nymphs feed on small vertebrates. Contaminated ticks can in flip contaminate the host.

People are “unintentional” hosts for ticks: after they enter ecosystems inhabited by widespread hosts of glass ticks, they discover themselves parasitized. That is when it might turn out to be contaminated. The height interval of contamination in France is from April to July, equivalent to the height interval of tick exercise.

Contact with livestock may also trigger contamination. Human-to-human transmission additionally happens by contact with blood or physique fluids, and typically by contaminated surfaces and supplies.

What are the signs?

Based on the researchers, “About 80% of contaminated individuals could have asymptomatic infections, restricted to flu-like signs, and even asymptomatic (no signs). Nonetheless, the remaining 20% ​​of contaminated sufferers could have signs that could be extreme and require hospitalization. deal with.

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On this symptom kind, we observe a couple of week of flu-like signs that aren’t very particular.

Then comes the bleeding section, with signs equivalent to nosebleeds (epistaxis), small pink or purple spots on the pores and skin (petechiae), bruises, hemorrhagic lesions of the pores and skin and mucous membranes (purpuras), bleeding gums (bleeding gums) ), subconjunctival hemorrhage.” Bleeding (the conjunctiva is the clear tissue that covers the interior floor of the eyeball and eyelids), blood within the urine (hematuria), or blood within the vomitus (hematemia). “

The restoration interval lasts 10 to twenty days and is accompanied by extreme fatigue, hair loss, reminiscence and/or focus issues, psychological issues, tachycardia, and many others.

Analysis is carried out by PCR take a look at and transmitted to nationwide reference centres. Samples are processed in excessive biocontainment NSB4 (biosafety degree 4) laboratories devoted to the research of extremely pathogenic infectious brokers.

What assist?

Sufferers are remoted in a devoted place and “a crew educated on this pathology is ready to present care geared toward treating signs (hydration, blood transfusions)”.

Simon Besis mentioned there are at the moment no clear and efficient therapies. Nor have any vaccines been validated by worldwide well being authorities. Nonetheless, a number of initiatives are below investigation.

Learn how to shield your self from tick bites?

in spring and summer time, Ticks Present in dry areas equivalent to bushes and thickets, pastures, mountain climbing trails, fields, crops, orchards, and vineyards.

It’s best to put on clothes that covers your legs and arms and closed sneakers, examine your self and your little one whenever you return from a stroll, and take away ticks as quickly as attainable, utilizing a tick remover or nice tweezers if essential. If attainable, disinfect and {photograph} the tick after eradicating it.

The typical incubation interval ranges from 2 to 14 days (common 5 days). If any signs happen inside two weeks of being bitten, discuss to your physician.

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