The impact of Kiky Saputri’s remarks about roasting, Sule’s Instagram account was invaded

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Sayings Kiky Saputri about one artist he was reluctant to roast reaping the pros and cons. Netizens are now boisterously discussing this matter.

Kiky Saputri initially discussed that on the podcast Denny Sumargo. He admitted that the incident occurred on a private television program.

“I already made the material, then when I sent the TV crew to ask for revision. When I rewrote it and sent it again, at first he said it was safe. It didn’t take long when the crew was really close to broadcasting, the crew actually said the host didn’t want to be broadcast.roasting, “said Kiky.

If you refer to when Kiky appeared on the show, it means that the artist is Close, because Kiky had alreadyroasting Andre Taulany.

Sule has now suddenly become trending topic. Husband Nathalie Holscher it is now invaded by netizens on Instagram.

Sule / Photo: Instagram / ferdinan_sule

It can be seen from the comments column on Sule’s last upload, netizens were busy appearing there discussing Kiky Saputri’s words about roasting artists.

“I don’t know why Brother Sule is now older than the previous one,” write xolove **** account.

“Even though he also sometimes likes the role … why do other people say the role yes … gatau ahh..I’m not anyone’s team … sule and kiki are passionate,” write indhcao account ****.

Natahalie Holscher as Sule’s wife even intervened about the roasting artist Kiky Saputri discussed.

She mentioned that her husband was readyroasting, however, this will only happen on the Sule podcast.

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“Her sister is sick, waiting for news to recover, ready to roast my husband in Sulpod … See you get well soon, miss,” wrote Nathalie Holscher in Instagram Stories as quoted by InsertLive, Thursday (25/3).


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