The Impact of Pro-Russian Politics in Eastern Europe and its Ramifications for Ukraine

2023-10-02 03:12:00

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky came under pressure after the victory of the party, which many call pro-Russian, in the elections in Slovakia, and also because of the loyalty of Hungary and Serbia to the Russian Federation. This was written about in The New York Times.

“The victory of Robert Fico, a former prime minister who took a pro-Russian election position, in parliamentary elections in Slovakia is another sign of weakening support for Ukraine in the West. The conflict drags on, and the front line remains largely static,” it says in the material.

The publication emphasized that the victory of the pro-Russian Fico in the Slovak elections implies the cessation of support for Kyiv and the blame for the start of the conflict on the West and Ukraine. In addition, according to observers, loyalty to Russian President Vladimir Putin on the part of Serbia, Hungary and Slovakia demonstrates a change in the political situation in Central Europe.

Earlier, the Western press wrote that the cessation of aid to Kyiv from Slovakia would “set an example” for other states that doubt whether to continue supporting Ukraine, writes RT. Poland also recently banned the import of Ukrainian grain into its territory, and later completely stopped arming Kyiv.

In addition, US President Joe Biden signed a law funding the American government for 45 days. At the same time, financing of Ukraine is not included in this document, reports the business publication “Sight” Thus, Kyiv will remain without US support for this entire period.

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