The Impact shoots itself in the foot

The Montreal Impact had to defend itself with one less player and suffered a 3-1 loss to the Whitecaps in Vancouver on Wednesday night. With this setback, the Bleu-Blanc-Noir also screwed up his last chance to participate in the final game for the Canadian Championship.

Montreal absolutely needed a win to join Toronto FC at the top of the mini-tournament standings. It is therefore the Reds who will try to win the Voyageurs Cup against a team from the Canadian Premier League, with the key to a place in the CONCACAF Champions League.

The match was shown on TVA Sports and on TVA Sports direct.

The Impact had to manage with 10 players very early on. Broke in his own penalty area in the 37th minute, defender Rudy Camacho collapsed. Fredy Montero approached the French probably to taunt him and the comments did not please the player of the Montreal eleven, who hit his opponent in the knee.

The move earned him a red card and a penalty shot for the Whitecaps. To make matters worse, it was Montero who succeeded in his strike while Camacho retreated to the locker room.

This costly mood swings continued to hurt the Impact throughout the game, as Thierry Henry’s men dominated before the red. Cristian Dajome doubled the Vancouver lead just three minutes after the opening scoring.

The Impact’s top scorer, Romell Quioto, gave fans hope by beating Thomas Hasal in the top corner in the 70th minute, for his fifth of the season.

Montero, however, scored his second of the game ten minutes later, stifling any hope of a Montreal comeback.

The Impact therefore ends the Canadian mini-tournament with nine points thanks to its 3-1-2 record. Toronto finished ahead with 12 points (4-0-2) and the Whitecaps brought up the rear with six points (2-0-4).

Additional suspension for Emanuel Maciel

Midfielder Emanuel Maciel was not in the game due to his red card on Sunday. Earlier Wednesday, he received an additional one-game suspension on Wednesday for the gesture he served at Dajome.

In the 70th minute of the game, the Argentinian tackled his opponent from behind in his blind spot, not touching the ball. He had received a red card from the official and was kicked out of the game.

Maciel will also miss the Impact’s next duel, next Sunday against the Philadelphia Union. He was also fined, the amount of which was not disclosed by Major League Soccer.

Lucas Cavallini was also not available for coach Marc Dos Santos due to his red card.


Second half

90e minute | Thomas Hasal (VAN) makes a reflex save on a beautiful shot from Bojan (IMFC)

79th minute | Change for the Impact: Lassi Lappalainen replaces Orgi Okwonkwo

78e minute | GOAL – Fredy Montero (VAN) scores with an impeccable shot, 3-1 Whitecaps

78e minute | Change for the Impact: Bojan takes Piette’s place

75e minute | Small tussle between Luis Binks (IMFC) and Owusu (VAN), but we let play

73e minute | Change for Vancouver | Milinkovic gives way to Ali Adnan

70e minute | GOAL – Placed in the penalty area, Romell Quioto (IMFC) scores with a sharp left foot strike

62e minute | Change for Vancouver: Leonard Owusu replaces Theo Bair

46th minute | Start of second half and change for Vancouver: Bikel gives way to Baldisimo in midfield

First half

45e minute + 1 | Samuel Piette (IMFC) recieves a yellow card

44e minute | GOAL – Cristian Dajome (VAN) scores with a good shot, catastrophic end of the half for the Impact

43e minute | Change for the Impact: Shamit Shome gives way to Rod Fanni

38e minute | GOAL – Camacho’s foul results in a penalty shot: Montero (VAN) takes advantage and gives the Whitecaps the lead

37th minute | Rudy Camacho (IMFC) gives a little punch to Fredy Montero (VAN) and it’s forbidden: red card for the Impact defender

35th minute | Cristian Dajome (VAN) is at the heart of a scuffle with some Impact players

34e minute | Okwonkwo (IMFC) goes for another strike, but Hasal (VAN) gets in the way again

33e minute | Luis Binks (IMFC) narrowly misses the mark on a good serve from Taïder

32e minute | Thomas Hasal (VAN) makes a nice save on a solid strike from Okwonkwo

31e minute | Yellow card for Ranko Veselinovic (VAN) after he mowed down Orji Okwonkwo

23e minute | Romell Quioto (IMFC) misses a real chance to score a header on a cross by Samuel Piette

20e minute | David Milinkovic (VAN) dodges yellow card shortly after tackling Orji Okwonkwo

1st minute | Start of the match


See the lineups for tonight’s game:


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