The impeachment trial against Trump begins: Senate will discuss constitutionality of the process | International

At 1:00 p.m. this Tuesday (15:00 Chilean) the second began impeachment against the now former president Donald Trump in the Senate of the United States, in a day destined to discuss and settle on the constitutionality of the process.

The debate will last 4 hours, which will conclude with a vote on the matter, which can be settled by a simple majority. Once this point has been resolved, tomorrow, Wednesday, the merits of the matter will be discussed: the accusations of “incitement to insurrection” against the former president for the events that led to the assault on the Capitol on January 6.

At the beginning of the session, a video was shown in which the events that occurred that day were portrayed, from the ex-president’s speech, to the assault on the headquarters of the Legislative Power and what was happening inside while the mob made its way.

The assault left 5 dead, including a Capitol police officer.

A majority of experts in the Constitution have opined that the process is legitimate even if it can no longer result in the removal of Trump, because it evaluates events that occurred when he was still president, explains Agencia Efe.

“This would create a new ‘January exception’ in the Constitution, inviting some future president to do his best to subvert the will of the people before leaving office,” argued Congressman Jamie Raskin.

In a similar vote at the end of January, only 5 of the 50 Republican senators voted in favor of the constitutionality of the process, which augurs an acquittal as the final outcome of the trial since it would take at least 17 to convict Trump.

This step is a mere formality since Democrats have enough votes, but the result is going to be an indication of how many Republicans are open to considering these charges.

Historical judgment

Under tight security, the US Senate will see the first time that a former US president is impeached.

And on January 13, the Republican became the first president to be subjected to impeachment proceedings twice, after the House of Representatives accused him of “abuse of power” for pressuring Ukraine to investigate Biden and his son and of whom he was acquitted in early 2020.

Also, this is just the fourth impeachment trial against a president, counting the cases involving Andrew Johnson in 1868 (who was charged with firing a member of his cabinet without the consent of Congress), and Bill Clinton (charged with perjury and obstruction of justice).

All the defendants, to date, have been acquitted, remember CNN.


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