The importance of measuring data in Digital Marketing

By Axel Samáme

Data-driven decision making is crucial for any company, organization or business. Today the pandemic advanced technologies and Marketers develop successful strategies based on measurable data.

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The pandemic intensified the use of the Internet around the world, in Latin America 1.7 million new online shoppers were added, and with this there were also changes in the data consumption.

In the last 10 years, the data has become more relevant for decision makers in the digital worldWith the pandemic and the so-called “new normal”, the interest in digital users’ information and their behaviors is increasing. The successful strategies developed by today’s marketers are based on measurable data.

“All this information that is produced minute by minute in the world, well used, is the best capital that a company or organization has in its possession to enhance its brand, business or service. Today companies have at their disposal different tools that offer invaluable information about the interests and behaviors of users and in order to get the most out of it, it is only necessary to understand the needs of each business and identify the most relevant insights that will allow thinking and design a methodology for strategic action ”. Rodrigo Armayor assures, Operations Director of Leadaki, agency specialized in full funnel strategies in digital media, certified in Google Marketing Platform.

In these times it is essential for brands to know how to correctly read the metrics and put them in context. Reach users with messages at the right time.

“It is increasingly important to measure everything in Digital Marketing to make smarter, strategic and profitable decisions”, Rodrigo Armayor comments.

“You can know how digital users buy, how they browse, what they like, what they use and what they don’t, what catches their attention, what they buy and even what they report. All this information, all the data that people leave in their passage through the Internet, is measurable. Analyzing, crossing data, measuring behaviors is key to making decisions with strong and secure bases ”, adds the Director of Operations of Leadaki.

“The goal of digital marketing is to reach your audiences and impact them with relevant stories and content, capable of influencing people’s decisions. For this, the incorporation of analytical technology into the processes of any business is no longer an option, it is a necessity. Integrating programmatic buying represents a great opportunity for many brands, because it offers a unique vision of the consumer and their behaviors, which serve to create more efficient campaigns in the era of overinformation, where each year more and more data will be generated ”, Rodrigo Armayor concludes.


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