The IMSS and the National Academy of Medicine must join forces: Zoé Robledo

MEXICO. Zoé Robledo, general director of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), recognized the contribution of the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico and urged its members to join forces so that medical practice is heard and its voice is included in government decisions . and that health is really a right and never a privilege again.

During her participation in the closing ceremony of the 157th assembly and in the renewal of the presidency that Dr. Teresita Corona Vázquez, of the IMSS had this year, and at the beginning of the administration of Dr. José Halabe Cherem, Zoé Robledo declared: “Los I invite you to continue making the dream of those who preceded us come true, so that medicine is undoubtedly a science, but the most humane of sciences.

The head of social security urged the members of the National Academy of Medicine of Mexico to “unite more, listen to each other, work together.”

“Who better than this Academy to put into practice the best integration in this sector? Who better than the Academy to offer concrete health proposals? Who better than you to support the work of public health units? », He indicated.

“Our challenges and challenges unite us, together we must face the recent shortage of specialist doctors and general practitioners; together, we must be able to explore ways to offer them more and better job opportunities, but also quality education ”, added Zoé Robledo.

By video message, he said that Social Security has already taken “the first important steps in this direction; We awarded 2,371 additional scholarships to resident physicians in relation to 2019, we went from 5,443 to 7,814 scholarships for residents in one year and in 2021 they will be 8,300 ”.

The General Director pointed out that “to be successful in the common objectives, the path is clear and passes through the union and collaboration between the largest and most important medical union in our country and the largest and most important Social Security institution. that exists in Latin America ”.

“I invite you to continue fulfilling the dream of those who preceded us so that medicine is a science, yes, but the most humane of sciences” and that their proposals reach government decisions.

At the event that ended the presidency of Dr. Teresita Corona Vázquez, were present, among others, Dr. Germán Fajardo, director of the Faculty of Medicine of the National Autonomous University of Mexico; Cristian Roberto Morales, Representative of the WHO / PAHO in Mexico; Dr. Oliva López Arellano, Secretary of Health of Mexico; Dr. Víctor Hugo Borja, director of medical services at the IMSS; Dr. Roberto Calva Rodríguez, president of the Mexican Academy of Pediatrics; Dr. Felipe Cruz Vega, president of the Mexican Academy of Surgery; and Dr. Gilberto Felipe Vázquez de Anda, Treasurer of the Mexican Academy of Medicine.

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