the increase will be “significant”, promises Édouard Philippe

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The revaluation of the salaries of nursing staff promised by the government will be “significant“Assured Prime Minister Édouard Philippe on Monday at the launch of Ségur de la santé, a broad consultation on the future of the healthcare system which should be completed in July. He deemed it necessary “to keep intact” the “motivation»Health professionals.

The “recognition“To caregivers,”it is huge in our country, and it will translate, as the president said, into remuneration. On this point, I say without ambiguity, the revaluation will be significant“, Assured Edouard Philippe during a speech of launching of”Health Safety“,

Working time, “not a taboo”

Édouard Philippe also promised that “the daily life of the nursing staff“At the hospital would change”in the next few months“, Thanks in particular to”new means

What I believe is that the crisis requires us, not to change course, but to change paceInsisted the Prime Minister, stressing that “this general consultation“Between government and social partners would lead to decisions”in July

The question of working time at the public hospital “is not a taboo“Also stressed the Prime Minister. “The key word will be that of pragmatism. I am not prejudging here the outcome of the discussions that will take place in the coming days, but I said that constraints of all kinds should be lifted. Working time should be looked at in the same way“Said the head of government.

Massive investment

The Prime Minister also assured that the state would invest “massively“In the hospital sector, deeming it necessary to”accelerate projects“Worn by hospitals and support them”in their debt reduction efforts

As part of the last “hospital plan“,”we announced the recovery of a third of the debt of public hospitals, that is 10 billion euros, as well as the launch of a local investment aid plan of 150 million euros per year“, He recalled. “We must go further“Said the head of government. “We will therefore launch a vast investment aid plan that will complement this massive debt recovery“, He continued.

Édouard Philippe has set five axes for consultation, which takes place under the aegis of the former CFDT director Nicole Notat: “Recognition for our caregivers“; “Massive investment“; “Rediscovered agility“; “Territorial organization“; “Modernization through digital



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