News The incredible life of Alonso de Contreras, the soldier...

The incredible life of Alonso de Contreras, the soldier of the Spanish Tercios that inspired Alatriste


The literary saga of Captain Alatriste was written by Arturo Pérez-Reverte “when he saw that a textbook that my daughter had liquidated the Golden Age in a page and a half”, as the author of the saga pointed out in an interview with “El Correo »in 1996. The character of Diego Alatriste, a veteran of the thirds of Flanders who makes a living as a butcher in seventeenth-century Madrid, is the adventurer that the writer designed to bring the Golden Age closer to present generations. A fictional character, but one with deep roots in the tradition of soldier-writers who left testimony of their prodigious lives.

The stories of the Duke of Estrada, Jerónimo de Pasamonte, Miguel de … See More.


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