The independence movement without a respirator

Quim Torra himself recognized this after the conference of regional presidents on the 22nd: “I am the president of an autonomous community. It is so ». He also said that he would not hesitate to ask the Army for help: “It is good for us to come and we will also pay for it”, the first time that he assumed it as his own. He punctured the balloon so much that the related press tried to hide his statements and only highlighted the most aggressive ones against Pedro Sánchez. Especially in Convergence they fear that the coronavirus “is for independence the same as the attack on the Twin Towers meant for ETA.” If September 11 caused the Bush administration to include the Spanish armed gang in its list of terrorists, the coronavirus, according to the same convergent leader, “will bury any territorial debate to return to the classic axis between left and right, that is, to decide if we reactivate the economy with liberal or social democratic mediations ».

Esquerra deplores Torra’s lack of real leadership and that “he has limited himself to attacking Spain by way of accusing Pedro Sánchez of being irresponsible.” Republicans believe that “the total confinement that the president has been asking for weeks is based on an unintelligent vision of reality,” even saying to the Catalans that they had to choose between economy or life, when everyone knows that both things they are the same ». In this sense, Oriol Junqueras’ party claims that «we have long warned that any idea of ​​Catalanism has to go through management, efficiency, and to govern well for Catalan society as a whole. That is why we have favored governability in Spain, that is why we want to approve the budgets in Catalonia and promote a broad-front Government that can cope under conditions with the serious economic problems that this crisis will cause.

Only the CUP is satisfied with the moment and believes that with the halt capitalism will fail and its revolutionary system will prevail.

Torra has tried to hang the medal for asking for “total confinement” long before the Prime Minister decreed it on Saturday, but his party defends mostly a liberal way out of the crisis, based on wealth creation, business activity and adjust public spending, “which is, in a way, preferring the solutions proposed by the Popular Party, which has no interest in helping to solve a political problem that it does not even recognize.” The candidates to succeed Torra do not dare to argue with the leadership, but they understand that “their attempts to blame everything on Spain die when we have no choice but to ask for help because neither the Catalans nor anyone else can face this crisis alone.”

In the partisan struggle, Convergència does not consider the crisis opened by covering up the case of sexual harassment in the Foreign Department as settled. ERC’s clumsiness in managing it could cause collateral damage beyond the forced resignation of director Alfred Bosch.

When the scandal broke in early March, the Republicans tried to stop the coup with two statements in which, pretending to boast of a scrupulous reaction, they not only revealed that they did not activate the police complaint protocol in these cases, but they placed the vice president of the Govern and national coordinator of his party, Pere Aragonès, on the brink of covering up a crime. Marta Vilalta, Deputy Secretary General and Spokesperson for Esquerra, confirmed at a press conference that “the party leadership made the unanimous decision that the adviser be terminated”, and that therefore, not only the director who had resigned Bosch, but also the Vice President Aragonès knew the facts, and yet he did not activate the protocol foreseen for these cases and rather covered up the facts by hiding in his partisan guard when the abuses had occurred in the Govern.

Convergència does not end the political punishment that ERC could suffer for this matter and will wait for the investigation to clarify the scope of the events, which could be more serious and affect more women than the Ara newspaper initially published. If confirmed, the convergents will go to the end in their demand that all responsibilities be cleared, and will not stop at the fact that Vice President Aragonès is the maximum representative of his partners in the Government and candidate of the Republicans for the next regional elections, the date of which will be known when the budgets are approved.

Some ridicule Torra and her “banner” disobedience. The others accuse the Republicans of being sold. And both parties assume that the independence debate will subside in the short and medium term, and that ultimately, in the last two years, they lost all the tricks they raised. .

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