The indie series kicks off

Indie studios are on the rise right now in Quebec (in fact, Thunder Lotus has just received a nomination in the indie category for Spiritfarer at the Game Awards!).

But despite all these success stories, getting started in game development is no easy task.

Whether it is marketing, business management or simply a need for funds, there are many obstacles for indie studios.

Fortunately, the Ubisoft Indie Series presented by National Bank aims to give independent developers a boost.

What is the Ubisoft Indie Series presented by National Bank?

It is in fact a competition whose goal is to “encourage leadership and entrepreneurship in the video game industry”.

You should also know that all independent studios in Quebec with 50 employees or less are eligible.

This year, the Indie Series is led by La Guilde, the world’s largest video game industry group. And with partners like Ubisoft and the National Bank, let’s say they are renowned partners for the studio that wins the competition.


The prices, moreover, are worth it; participants can win a scholarship of $ 50,000 and a scholarship of $ 25,000, in addition to having access to creative and marketing tools. A more than welcome help when you are an emerging studio!

Studios wishing to register and take advantage of this great showcase can do so now by visiting the Series website.

Good luck to everyone!

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