The infected took a train to Italy on vacation

The Austrians are apparently taking the corona regulations less and less seriously. An indication of this: The public prosecutor is currently recording an accumulation of violations of corona quarantine notices in Salzburg. The last case of a 19-year-old landed on the authority’s table. Despite positive corona tests, he is said to have left the apartment in the city of Salzburg at the end of December 2020 and traveled to Italy on vacation. A preliminary investigation was initiated against the man for “deliberate endangerment of people by communicable diseases” (Section 178 StGB).

The Salzburg magistrate reported the charges against the 19-year-old, Barbara Fischer, the head of the Salzburg public prosecutor’s office, told media representatives on Monday. According to the current file situation, the accused apparently completed a PCR test at Salzburg Airport on December 28th. The positive test result was available on December 29th, and the man was informed by SMS on the same day. He could not be reached on the phone, said the prosecutor.

Not present when checking at home address

When employees of the public order office checked the man’s home address on January 4, 2021, the health authorities had been informed that the 19-year-old was going to Italy on vacation, Fischer said. In general, there is currently an increase in proceedings for violating quarantine notices. The increasing number of reports would show that the authorities are also monitoring compliance with the notices, the prosecutor warned.

In Salzburg several suspects have already stood before the court and been convicted of Section 178 StGB. Tomorrow, Tuesday, the next trial will follow at the Salzburg Regional Court. A 47-year-old worker who was infected with the corona virus is said to have left his apartment three times in October 2020 despite the officially imposed quarantine. (apa)

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