The Instagram account of the livestock of Victorino Martín is hacked after «many anti-bullfighting threats»

The livestock of Victorino Martín has reported to the police the hacking of his official Instagram account (@victorinotoros), from which the more than 75,000 followers he had and all the content created to publicize the works of the farm have been deleted. and the calf bull calf.

According to a statement released on Tuesday by the livestock press office, this attack is “the culmination of a host of threats received in recent days.” “We have received many anti-bullfighting threats these days, but this has already gone a long way. We have just denounced in the nearest police station and we are trying to recover it », warns Victorino Martín.

“This morning we had a lot of messages warning us that our account had been hacked. We have witnessed a publication of a man with a black eye being uploaded and the user of @victorinotoros has changed to “saykoadminq1” and the contact email. Our working hours have disappeared, all the material and the IG help center is unreachable », acknowledges the farmer himself.

For Victorino Martín, the threats received in networks, as well as the publication and the name that the “hacker” has put on his account make him think that it is an “anti-bullfighting attack”. “They have proven to be very aggressive and disrespectful with our rights and with the bullfighting culture,” he insists.

This event took place just the same day that the rancher was going to finish the daily live shows with which he has been entertaining the confinement while showing the life of the field and bringing his livestock closer to the fans.

And he was going to do it with the most anticipated video: a live with José Ortega Cano, the bullfighter who pardoned «Velador», the only bull whose life has been spared in Las Ventas. .

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