The Intensive Care Units of El Salvador hospital are about to collapse | News from El Salvador

The hospital center in Cifco only has space for five people who require that kind of intention. The hospital maintains an approximate of 400 people admitted. According to the infectologist Iván Solano Leiva, “unfortunately we are heading towards a rebound in cases”

The curve of cases begins to rise and resemble that of June. The official data on the number of people positive for the virus is 265 new cases per day, an identical figure to that of June 29, the date on which a peak of confirmed cases of the disease began, at which time the health system collapsed. due to lack of beds for people with respiratory conditions, including COVID-19.

Six months ago, the Intensive Care Units and health professionals could not cope with the wave of infections; Now, the beds with Intensive Care Units of Hospital El Salvador are about to collapse, with 95 of their capacity, in a healthcare center that still does not meet the ideal conditions. Among them, it still does not have an operating room service for people with COVID-19, who need surgery for complications of the disease.

“For this day (Tuesday) at Hospital El Salvador: ICU beds: 92% occupancy, of a total of beds: 105. NICU beds (Intermediate Care Unit): 80% occupancy, of a total of beds: 143. Beds general: 29% occupancy, out of a total of beds: 700 “, said the infectious disease specialist Iván Solano Leiva on his Twitter account.

Which means that there are only around five beds left with intensive care units for people who require it, while 100 beds are already being occupied, of which are probably enabled for the 80 people in critical condition reported by the Government.

Interior at Hospital El Salvador. / Photo EDH Archive

While of the beds with Intermediate Care Units, those for people who probably require oxygen to cope with the symptoms of the new Coronavirus, 114 are used and there is only space for 29 people.

For its part, El Salvador Hospital reacted on Twitter to this publication, and rejected that they are collapsed: “We have 36 people in intensive care and 634 free beds, only in this Hospital. Meanwhile we continue to fight to save lives ”.

By contrasting the data provided by the doctor and the official government data, it is identified that 379 patients are suffering from the disease in a serious way, of which 114 may be in the Intermediate Care Unit and another 203 people occupy the general income of the hospital for COVID-19, located at the International Center for Fairs and Conventions (CIFCO).

In total, there are approximately 417 people who are admitted to the El Salvador hospital. In addition to these patients, there are more Salvadorans hospitalized in the Rosales hospital, who remain occupying beds with the Intensive Care Unit, due to their severity.

In five months, El Salvador hospital reported 928 deaths from COVID-19 and atypical pneumonia.

“Unfortunately we are headed for a rebound in COVID-19 cases and front-line staff will have no rest this holiday season. The memory of the Salvadoran is short and we relax, both the population and the Ministry of Health, and we do not follow protocols, “said infectologist Solano Leiva.

Health neglected health promotion and prevention

For the doctor Mariano Chávez Andino and the infectologist Jorge Panameño, it is important that prevention campaigns be prioritized in the face of the increase in new cases of COVID-19, campaigns that in their opinion were neglected by the Ministry of Health and other state entities.

“Cases are increasing progressively, we are reaching a point where it is likely that we will reach a very high number of cases and that the health system will once again saturate,” said intensivist Chávez Andino.

While the infectologist Jorge Panameño argued that there was little vigilance on the part of the Health authorities since October, the date on which doctors began to warn of an increase in suspected cases and attention for COVID-19.

“We have always been struck by the little or no surveillance by the corresponding authorities,” said Jorge Panameño, during a television interview.

Given the increase in cases of COVID-19, both health specialists expressed their concern and said they hope that, after nine months of the pandemic, the errors and failures that were committed during the first outbreak of cases of the disease in Mexico have been corrected and corrected. Regarding the Personal Protection Equipment for health workers who are on the front line of the fight against the disease.

According to figures from the “Salvador Allende” Health Movement, up to December 15 there were 156 deaths of health workers who lost the battle against the virus.

In the past seven days, 45 people have died from COVID-19, including two doctors, two nurses and a pharmacy technician who have lost their lives from the disease.


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