The International Port District launched a series of activities on the “National Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Day”

The International Port District launched a series of activities on the “National Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Day”

2022-03-29 22:02:21Source: Xi’an News Network

March 28th is the 27th “National Primary and Secondary School Students Safety Education Day”. In order to improve students’ safety awareness and self-protection and self-rescue ability, the Education, Health and Sports Bureau of Xi’an International Port District, in combination with campus safety education work, organizes the school according to the current safety risks. 49 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the district carried out the theme education activities of “life first, safety first” safety education day, and delivered safety precautions to every student by means of experience classes, safety lectures, and safety education class meetings.

Immersive experiential safety education on campus

On the morning of March 28, a cement tanker was parked at the entrance of Lugang Primary School of Shaanxi Normal University. The traffic police from the Gangchan Brigade organized some students to take turns to get into the truck to experience the blind spot of the vehicle from the driver’s point of view and remind the scene. Teachers and students should keep a distance from large trucks when they travel, and do not compete with trucks when they turn to ensure safe travel.

“The truck is so tall and so big. If there is a traffic accident, it will be terrible. I am too scared!” “I will go back today and tell my parents to pay attention to avoid large trucks when driving.” After the activity, the students expressed that through the experience class, they realized the danger of trucks, and they also told the people around them the importance of avoiding trucks.

Later, the traffic police also walked into the class and brought a special lecture to the students on the theme of “Knowing the danger, avoiding danger, and striving to be a good traffic safety and civilized youth”. After the lecture, the students also presented the traffic police with “traffic safety paintings” drawn by themselves, expressing that they would definitely “hold hands big and lead parents to abide by traffic rules”.

Starting from me

“One is slow, two are seen, three are passed, and don’t go with the vehicle to grab the road. Cycling must abide by the rules, and don’t rush through the red light.” On March 28, Lugang No. 1 Primary School in Xi’an International Port District held a safety education class meeting, through the animation short video , safety education courseware, knowledge debate and other methods to publicize the basic knowledge of traffic laws and campus safety knowledge, improve students’ self-protection ability, and put “life first, safety first” into practice.

After the safety education class meeting, the students did not forget to put their safety awareness into action, starting from their own side, and conducting a safety hazard investigation on the surrounding environment. Whether the electricity in the classroom is safe, whether the desks and chairs have potential safety hazards… After finding the problem, the students timely reported to the teachers and community staff, and contributed to the creation of a harmonious and safe campus environment.

Strive to be the “Little Guard of Love and Road Protection”

In order to popularize high-speed rail safety knowledge and let students understand the importance of caring for railway facilities and abiding by railway safety regulations, on the morning of March 28, the Youth League Committee of Xi’an High-speed Railway Infrastructure Section entered Caoqu Primary School to carry out high-speed rail knowledge popularization and safety knowledge publicity activities.

Combined with the safety cases along the railway line in recent years, the propagandists explained the common sense of railway safety to the students in detail, and used publicity display boards and leaflets to popularize railway safety regulations. At the same time, we used a question-and-answer method to interact with students to stimulate their enthusiasm for learning and further enhance everyone’s awareness of railway safety risk prevention. After the publicity event, 4 “love road guards” will be selected. They will actively promote railway safety knowledge to the people around them, help everyone understand the hidden dangers of railway safety, abide by railway rules and regulations, and firmly establish safety awareness.

In addition to conducting experience classes and lectures, primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the International Port District also push the safety education knowledge of primary and secondary school students to everyone through official WeChat, parents WeChat group, parents QQ group, and a letter of advice to parents. parents. Close contact between home and school, carry out safety knowledge publicity and education, let safety education enter the family, improve the safety awareness of parents, guide parents to strengthen family education, and effectively take responsibility for student safety education and guardianship.

The safety education day series of activities have improved students’ safety awareness, formed a fashion of everyone talking about safety, always talking about safety, and everything about safety, creating a good atmosphere for the whole society to pay attention to the healthy growth of students and children. (Correspondent Xing Wenjie)

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