The intimate chat between Sofía and Aníbal Pachano, years ago: “I told him, ‘it gives me the feeling that you are gay'”

The intimate chat between Sofía and Aníbal Pachano, years ago: “I told him, it gives me the feeling that you are gay”

There are certain conversations between parents and children that are impregnated in the memory and become unique memories, and Sofia Pachano she had no problem revealing a very special one she had with her dad, Hannibal. The participant of MasterChef Celebrity he opened his heart and He remembered the day he asked the choreographer if he was gay.

While in PH: We can talk While debating monogamy, the actress voiced her opinion on the topic, prompting her to talk about her family. “I was raised with Disney. For me, prince charming came to look for you, you were going to get married and at 32 years old, which is what I have now, I was going to have three children. Besides, he was going to love me for life “, started.

Surprised, Andy Kusnetzoff he wanted to know if Aníbal Pachano had instilled that in him. “Yes, my dad raised me like that, it’s like a double face of his. He wouldn’t let me sleep with my boyfriend at home, that’s why I decided not to live with him anymore. A recontra traditional upbringing,” explained Sofía.

“As a child I cried for love. I have an aunt, a very close friend of my mother, whose name I am not going to say, who told me, ‘I cheated on all my husbands’, and I thought … ‘How?’ “, assured the actress. “Today I rethink it because I feel that monogamy is a choice, not something imposed. If I choose it, I choose it.”

At that moment, Kusnetzoff wanted to know what she had said to her father when he spoke to her about her sexuality. “He never spoke to me about it, never,” Sofía confessed. “When I was 16 years old, as an over-adapted girl that I have always been, I sat down and said, ‘Look dad, I would like you to be happy. I think, I get the feeling, that you are gay and I would like you to have a partner, to whiten it for me and for us to be a family. ‘

“Now I can tell it calmly, but it’s not that I just sat with my dad,” he clarified before continuing. “I told him that and he replied, ‘I’m never going to talk to you about this’. He lowered the blind,” he recalled. “I replied that it seemed unfair to me that I talk about it with everyone except me.”

Her father’s refusal to start a conversation is something that Sofía had trouble understanding. “It was a process until I understood that he was referring to his bed, to his sexuality. I had never found a partner to whiten it for me. This is because it happens to many families around there,” he explained. “I was talking about happiness, not the act.”

Following the topic of parental sexuality, Sofía took advantage of the moment to tell an anecdote that she lived with her mother when she was about ten years old. “As the daughter of separated parents and over-adapted that I am, I was very organized with my things from a very young age: the math book, for example, I had to take it from one place to another two days before having to use it. One day I forgot something and fell into the apartment, but when I wanted to open the door they closed it in my face. “

“Mom said, ‘You can’t come in!'” She laughed. “Poor thing, she was all disheveled. After growing up I realized why she couldn’t get in.”

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