The invisible enormity

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Last Monday the president of the Government and the head of the opposition met with the scrupulous objective of not reaching an agreement. And they fully achieved their purpose. Surprising? Not at all. The issues that affect governance (education, Social Security deficit, etc.) were mere landscape. The only point that Sanchez was interested in was the negotiation on quotas in the CGPJ and the TC, and Casado had a good reason to close in band: avoid an overflow of the Constitution through lateral laws whose aggregate effect would be comparable to that of a constitutional reform . For the latter, the president needs more judges in strategic organs, and Casado has not wanted to give them.

 Had Sánchez anticipated it? Of course. The spokeswoman Montero seemed to have already prepared the glossary / summary of that dead dialogue before she was born: «The PP is still installed in the strategy of the blockade. […] When the PP assumes that the citizens have put him in opposition, he will find this government with his outstretched hand. All this is exasperatingly boring. What the Government asks is that the opposition adhere to what it has previously determined to do. And what he has determined to do has had to happen before by the faithful, not only of his partners of United We can, but of the majority that sustains it in the Congress. Which includes a party that has attempted a secession a little over two years ago. In this absurd situation is Spain. So absurd, that some do not understand. Moreover, they do not see it.

 I’m going to tell you a little happened. The next day, or the next day, from the investiture of Sánchez, I entertained myself by seeing what the international press said. Not to hear from anything about Spain (up there they find out about our things in bulk) but in order to inform me about the informants. Well, I read the Financial Times, and also one of those signed publishers that the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung usually publishes on the cover. The two testimonies were reluctant. But none of them highlighted that Sánchez governs thanks to Esquerra, that Esquerra has promoted a coup d’etat, that he has no regrets about it and that he has put Sanchez on conditions that are conjectured, although, strictly speaking, they are not known. How to explain so many omissions? I am little Machiavellian. In my opinion, the two journalists had evacuated their task by assembling common places, and since the seasoning we are going through is not common at all, their intelligence, or, better, the ocular power, had been blunted. Looking for analogies with their own countries, they had only detected in Spain what they could have found in Britain or Germany. And the elephant had escaped into the room.

 Is Married doing the only thing he can do? Neither. Married should prepare to make an offer when the PSOE is able to consider it. Better yet: you should make an offer not merely rhetorical before even this PSOE can accept it. I follow? Yes, I follow. The main thing is not to win the center right, but what you can do if you win. Since the structure of democracy itself is damaged, the answer is that it will not be able to do anything without a reconstituted PSOE. I have not finished. The more easily the PSOE will be reconstituted, the clearer it sees what role it would play in an alternative situation to the current one. Of course, it is normal for Casado to try to win the elections, which means not letting the portfolio be stolen by Vox. But now I am talking about something more important: all of us. .


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