the iPhone 12 on sale for only 900 euros on Rakuten

Apple’s new pearl is on sale for your viewing pleasure. The iPhone 12 128 GB is only 900 euros on Rakuten, enough to attack the new year at the cutting edge of technology.

Never has an apple caught your attention so much. The repercussion of Apple’s iPhone 12 is global as smartphone rhymes with iPhone. It is not for nothing that we often hear “where is my iPhone” and not “where is my phone”. This is to say the expectation and the excitement that reigns around the iPhone 12. It is never too late to make up for the Scorpio perfume box that you gave to your children or your friends at Christmas. With the iPhone 12, there is no risk of being disappointed when you discover your gift.

Rakuten offers the iPhone 12 for only 900 euros

Past, present, future, iPhone will always be there for you Rakuten

The trendy smartphone on sale just before the start of a new year, if that’s not a sign of fate. The iPhone 12 128 GB is 900 euros at Rakuten, enough to attack 2021 in the best possible way. The characteristics of the iPhone 12 are far superior to those of its predecessor, especially with the use of 5G for the first time.

  • Compatible 5G
  • Double capteurs photos 4K
  • Puce A14 Bionic
  • Thinner and lighter
  • Increased glass resistance

The iPhone 12 is the first smartphone to use 5G technology which greatly reduces charging times. But also the new A14 Bionic chip which, according to Apple experts, is 50% more powerful than what the competition offers. Another important detail, and not the least, the robustness of the screen has been greatly improved. With its new generation Retina screen surrounded by a “ceramic shield”, the resistance of the glass is increased by 400%. The quality of photos and videos has also been improved, especially in low light thanks to the ultra-efficient night mode. More efficient, faster and more solid, the iPhone 12 is at 900 euros on Rakuten.


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