The iPhone 13 protective case design exposure is estimated to be equipped with a larger rear lens + reduced M size + thicker body-Hong Kong

With the release of the iPhone 13 series getting closer, recentlyForeign media exposed the design of the iPhone 13 protective case, revealing that the new series will have 3 major changes: including a larger rear camera lens, a smaller bangs on the screen, and an increase in body thickness.

Compared with previous old models, iPhone 13 will be equipped with a larger shooting lens, so the lens occupies a larger position.The diagonal length has increased from 3.71cm (iPhonne 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro) and 3.98cm (iPhone 12 Pro Max) to 3.9cm (iPhonne 13 mini, iPhone 13) and 4.49cm (iPhonne 13 Pro). , IPhone 13 Pro Max).

In addition, as can be seen from the design drawings, it is estimated that the thickness of the fuselage will also increase by about 1mm, and the position of the buttons will be slightly different; the M-shaped part of the iPhone 13 will be 8.8mm smaller than that of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, from 3.45cm to 2.57 cm, consistent with the previous rumors.


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