The iPhone 14 could be equipped with an ultra-resistant case, made from titanium

A change of formula that could appeal.

Every year, rumors and predictions about future iPhones appear earlier and earlier. Thus, if the iPhone 13 has still not been unveiled, several analysts and leakers already evoke the model of 2022. Until now, the rumors focused on the photo part of the device, suggesting that the sensors would obviously be improved, but now they are also interested in the design of the device. In a new report for investors viewed by MacRumors, the company JP Morgan Chase mentioned the possible external characteristics of the iPhone 14. It is in particular question that the Pro models have a shell using a titanium alloy, more robust. This would also be one of the big changes to the range.

If the company is correct, the iPhone 14 Pro would be Apple’s first smartphone to take advantage of this material. The current iPhones are in fact made of aluminum and stainless steel. However, titanium is no stranger to the Cupertino company since some versions of the Apple Watch Series 6, as well as the Apple Card already have titanium elements.

The use of this material would obviously be a good thing since it is much more robust and resistant to scratches and bending than stainless steel. Plus, it’s almost half the cost of steel and twice as strong as aluminum. However, it will be noted that titanium is heavier than aluminum, of the order of 60%.

Unfortunately, this is not its only drawback. Fingerprints are much more visible on titanium than on other materials. It is also less easy to engrave, due to its robustness. Defects that Apple has long sought to erase with various solutions, as several patents of the firm have revealed.

Finally, in his report, JP Morgan Chase also indicates that the iPhone 14 Pro would mark a bigger revolution compared to its predecessor than the iPhone 13 compared to the iPhone 12, thus corroborating the previous rumors. There is also talk that next year, Apple will give up the mini model.

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