Technology “The iPhone 5G uses a personalized antenna” - Instant...

“The iPhone 5G uses a personalized antenna” – Instant Interview


Author: RubenPriest , published 15 – 02 – 2020 at 11:09

An ordinary 5G antenna would not fit into the iPhone case.

The future is 5G. Technology companies and telecommunications networks are implementing the technology. As it is new for everyone, the necessary challenges are hidden.

According to Fast Company, Apple will use a self-developed antenna for the 2020 5G iPhones. The QTM 525 offered by Qualcomm would not fit into the slim case of the new iPhones. That’s why Apple would design an antenna itself that will fit the case.

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The result should be an iPhone that is no more than 8mm thick and that can still have 5G. Apple is taking a risk here. The technology company from Cupertino does not exactly have the best reputation for antennas.

Everyone still remembers the iPhone 4 fiasco. If your fingers touched the antenna during the call, reception could be lost. A failure in the design of the iPhone. Apple solved this problem with the iPhone 4S by adding more antennas. An even more difficult challenge for the iPhone 2020, because 5G is different and also new for Apple. We have to wait and see how the technological society’s decision will unfold.


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