The iPhone 9 will be called iPhone SE, says Apple

Most of the media believed that Apple was going to call its new “cheap iPhone” the iPhone 9, something that made no sense from the nano-marketing point of view. The final name will be iPhone SE, which is perfectly logical.

The name comes from the Apple Store itself, which has just listed a new Belkin protector for the iPhone SE, iPhone 8 and iPhone 7. It is clear that, apart from the name, this means that the launch of the new iPhone SE 2020 is imminent , as pointed out by the latest leaks.

The new product in the Apple Store is listed as Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection for iPhone SE / 8 / 7. Apple controls all products in the Apple Store.

Clearly, that “iPhone SE” does not refer to the old one – not just because the original iPhone SE was discontinued in 2017, but because the screen size is totally different and incompatible with iPhone 8 and 7, which have LCD panels of Identical 4.7 inches. According to all the leaks, the one that was supposed to be called iPhone 9 also has an exactly equal 4.7-inch screen. The original iPhone SE has a four-inch screen.

This is the second accessory for the iPhone SE 2020 that has been leaked. The first was an Urban Armor case for the “New iPhone 4.7”, 2020 “, leaked by an anonymous Best Buy employee. But the Belkin protector is the first time that Apple refers to the new phone as iPhone SE.

(Image credit: Apple)

iPhone SE is the best name

The idea of ​​Apple calling the iPhone SE the iPhone 9 was absurd from the point of view of the branding.

The numbers in the iPhone series have been used to indicate each new version, alternating each year between versions with number (such as iPhone 6) and number and the letter S (iPhone 6s). Even the iPhone X, which was actually 10 in Roman numerals.

So calling the cheap iPhone iPhone 9 would have been the equivalent of forcing the consumer to step back mentally. It would only add confusion: people would wonder how it is possible that Apple has brought out a new phone that has a number below the current one.

What Apple wants is to have an affordable cell phone for every type of pocket and the only way to name it is using the name of its first and only cheap cell phone, the iPhone SE.

In fact, I’ve already argued many times that Apple should simplify iPhone names. And in fact, it was a half-hearted exercise when they released the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max. They should simply stop using numbers and, as with their MacBooks, iPads, iMacs or Mac Pros, just use the years as a form of identification.

That way we would have the iPhone SE, iPhone, iPhone Pro and iPhone Pro Max. No more is needed.

The iPhone SE will be out soon

Aside from the appearance of the Belkin protector and the Under Armor case, Apple’s own “lapse” identifying the iPhone SE by name indicates that the cell phone must be about to come out.

This reinforces the filtration of Jon Prosser, a rumor mill with a more or less solid reputation. According to Prosser, right now the launch date would be April 15 and the iPhone 9 would start arriving in stores a week later, on April 22.

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