The IPS continues to break records of attention in the interior of Salta

“I have just turned 60 years old and I only went to Salta twice for a consultation with a specialist doctor,” said the affiliate from Araguay to the president of the Salta Province Health Institute. This reality that hurts is beginning to change thanks to the program “IPS Near You”, which covers the geography of the entire province with a team of medical specialists, with a different destination every 15 days.

Since last Thursday they have been visiting the town of Aguaray for the first time and the reception they had was impressive since almost 400 members came to the consultations with the medical specialists. The attentions were made on Thursday and Friday, which extended until the night due to the high demand. With all those people they reached almost 500 attentions.

There was a true revolt of specialists that shook the tranquility of the town located about 400 km from the capital for two days. Specialists in Gynecology, Adult Cardiology, Pediatric Cardiology, Pediatrics, Urology, Reconstructive Surgeon, Medical Clinic and Neurology arrived. Then they also extended to Neurosurgery and Reconstructive Surgery, in addition to professional Nursing. There were 11 health professionals who worked intensely during the two days. In addition, another 7 workers from the Social Work Administration arrived for affiliations, general attention, registration of affiliates, enabling special programs and tutoring in the Digital Credential that are already working to improve the self-management of affiliates. There were 18 people who came to work in the north, including President Gladis Sánchez.

The “IPS Cerca Tuyo” program has the purpose of favoring the accessibility of affiliates from the interior of the province to the various medical specialties for the prevention, diagnosis and monitoring of chronic pathologies.

“We understand that the IPS had the need to reach the territories to attend to its affiliates in their towns and places due to the difficulties they have for hospitals that have specialist doctors. In the interior of the province, everything becomes very complex and unfortunately our sick members come to care when their illnesses are already very advanced. That is why we are touring the interior with this wonderful team of professionals and our own workers, providing a service that is generally very far away; it is as the name of the program says because we bring the IPS to its people”, said Gladis Sánchez.

Gladys Sanchez

The professionals attended the Aguaray Hospital “Dr. Luis Adolfo Güemes” and had the broad support of the Complexity II hospital staff, from Operational Area III. They also had the support and coordination of the local Administration, in charge of the administration of Guillermo Alemán. The other leg was the OSPE (Social Work of the Petroleum Workers) that provided a second service space with its offices because the demand overwhelmed the Güemes Hospital.

“We are very grateful for this experience. It is to support and strengthen our Hospital”, said Valeria Taboada, who has a degree in Psychology and is the manager of the local hospital. “In this area we have general practitioners and clinicians, so to access a consultation with a specialist you have to go to Tartagal or Orán and if the situation gets more complicated, to Salta. And for the people it is very difficult and then the emergency cases arrive that are often referred from here, they go to Tartagal, to Orán, depending on the urgency they go to Güemes and then if it is serious they arrive in Salta; It is a very long road that we want nobody to do. With the specialists here, some pathologies are being treated early and that is very important because they provide accessibility to the people of the place,” said Ms. Taboada. In fact, Cardiology, Pediatrics and Gynecology were at the top of the demands.

Sophia Turin.

“I am very happy and happy because the doctors came; we want them to have a regularity from now on; we want them once a month,” said Inés Núñez, who was one of the first to sign up at the IPS offices in Aguaray and who took advantage of the situation to see a gynecologist and cardiologist; She also had the nurse control her and reviewed her vaccination status. They are everyday situations that for a city dweller would not be news, but for the neighbor to the north it constitutes an extraordinary event.

“This is wonderful because, for example, I requested an appointment for a child for a neurologist and they gave me 3 months in Salta, for an endocrinologist it is also difficult because one comes to Tartagal once a month; then you have to queue for two days to get a seat. Now we are going to take advantage and do everything”, said the woman who also thanked the administrative staff.

All the neighbors ask for a regularization of the “IPS Cerca Tuyo” program, which has now exceeded 7,500 services, since it began operating in July 2021, serving 15 locations throughout the province, with almost 18,000 kilometers traveled.

It happens that for a person from Aguaray it is extremely expensive to travel to Salta to see a specialist. A round trip ticket to the city costs about 8 thousand pesos and more about 7 hours of travel each way. The IPS recognizes the expenses of some patients according to their status, but here we are talking about prevention; of those people who have some symptom that worries them and who want a specific professional opinion. Simple things like a recurring headache in a boy or girl. Then you have to travel, eat, stay, move in the city. Everything is expensive and sacrificed.

Gustavo Montero

In the continuity of the agenda of the program that runs through our provincial interior, the visit to San Carlos, in the Calchaquí Valleys, is coming in 15 days. Two weeks ago they were in La Poma where they treated about 140 people. The schedule of visits is put together according to the agreements with mayors and hospital managers. Logistics are important to mobilize, in the case of Aguaray, 18 people with instruments and all working conditions in the field. It can even be said that they will continue to visit more locations and will return to those already visited to follow up on the patients treated, to meet the main objective of the program, which is to continue to cover the demand for medical specialists for patient care and controls of chronic pathologies.

Other paradigms

The doctors in the program perfectly understand their social role; they put the body for that task. They know that when medicine arrives in the territory the perspective of Health changes, they know that time is precious, they do not arrive late and attend to the last patient, that they may have started at 10 in the morning and that it is already 10, but that “we must attend to them all”, affirms with a tone of divine order the pediatric cardiologist Sofía Torino, who was perhaps the most demanded.

Dr. Luis Adolfo Guemes Hospital

“It is not only the care of various pathologies, but also the information. Going out to explore a certain territory allows us to discover or review the recurrence of pathologies. It is becoming a tool for local hospitals, for the IPS, for mayors and for health policy as well,” said Fabiana Holmquist, who is in the front line of fire attending to the members who are arriving.

“Here (in Aguaray) we are seeing a significant number of people without COVID vaccines, watch out,” says Gustavo Montero, who is the program’s nurse, a full-court player who helps in “weight and height” with his finger raised. , checks the vaccines and places them, takes the pressure and makes a “semblance” of the concurrence. That is just one example, it has several of each place and everything is recorded.

“One of the main objectives of the social work is to provide coverage and respond to the needs of members from every corner of the Province,” said President Gladis Sánchez.

All the information obtained by the administrators, the nurses and the doctors becomes not only a set of clinical histories, but rather a valuable database that is built up with the kilometers that are traveled. Not now, but throughout this more than year and a half they found all kinds of “curiosities” such as members without ID, people who were members and did not know it. Or people like Mrs. Aguaray who, when she saw Gladis Sánchez in person attending to people, she thanked her with great emotion because she had only seen two specialists in her entire life.

Holmquist also welcomes neighbors who don’t have IPS, but who want individual attention. So they happily pay for the consultation because care in the town is cheaper and more accessible than having to go to another larger city to suffer with shifts, doctor’s hours and all the complexity of a larger urban center.

The idea of ​​turning the equation around, of changing the paradigm, that health ceases to be a privilege and becomes a right, is nothing new; here the news is that an IPS program is putting it into practice.

Elvio Gaspar

Digitizing social work

In the midst of the attention, the shifts and the numbers on hold, Guadalupe Mutuam Heredia was “teaching” how to use the Digital Credential and says: “accessibility is not only to get to the place, it is also to provide new tools for management”. He said that the new Digital Credential provides members and their family members with an efficient and agile tool to access their services without the need for a physical credential. This credential that is on the cell phones is not a mandatory requirement, but it is necessary. “With it, the member will not only be able to view the credential with their data, but they will also have other benefits that they can use, for example: view their provider card or see the participating pharmacies,” said Guadalupe, who focused on teaching older adults how to install it on cell phones. Contrary to our prejudices, it is the older ones who are more interested in the credential, and I see that because it opens new doors of attention”, she said.

On the cell phone, you can view the Digital Credential, see the credentials of the entire family group, generate the authorization code through a token that serves to validate the presence of a patient, view the latest care and medical prescriptions, access the service booklet, consult the affiliated pharmacies and opticians and even qualify medical care, among other functions.

Guadalupe Mutual Heredia

The “IPS Cerca Tuyo” team, Aguaray

IPS Team Near You

Dr. Gladis Sánchez, IPS President

Dr. Iris Benegas, service coordinator

Dr. Sofía Torino, pediatric cardiologist

Dr. Silvana Madussi, medical clinic

Dr. Félix Aldana, gastroenterologist

Dr. Valer Lazo, gynecologist

Dr. Gustavo Rodríguez, cardiologist

Dr. Jeferson Oroya, Urologist

Dr. Elvio Gaspar, neurologist

Dr. Leonardo Faila, neurosurgeon

Dr. Paul Coronel, reconstructive surgery

Gustavo Montero, nurse

Paul Gatica

Patricia Romero

Gabriel Segurondo

carina rodriguez

Fabiana Holmquist

Guadalupe Loan, Digital Credential

Horacio Alderete, Press.

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