The Islamic State claims the attack that has left four dead in Vienna

The jihadist group Islamic State (IS) on Tuesday claimed responsibility for the attack perpetrated on Monday in Vienna. In a statement published by its propaganda channels, the terrorist group indicated that the attack was carried out “by a soldier of the caliphate” and added that it resulted in “30 crusaders killed and wounded.”. The attack in the Austrian capital killed four people and injured more than 20.

In the same statement ISIS identified the attacker as Abu Dujana al-Albani and indicated that the man used an automatic weapon, a pistol and a cuhe screeched during his action.

From the first steps of the investigation, the jihadist nature of the events and the relationship of its author with the Islamic State had been determined. The Austrian authorities identified the attacker, killed by the police, as Kujtim F., 20 years old, and confirmed that he had in his possession a short Kalaschnikov, a pistol and a machete and was carrying a belt of fake explosives.

Federal Minister of the Interior, Karl Nehammer, announced at a press conference that the terrorist had the dual nationality of Austria and North Macedonia and apparently came from the Albanian minority in the latter country, who profess the Muslim religion. He added that he had been convicted in 2019 for joining a terrorist organization and attempting to join the ranks of the Islamic State in Syria.

As the minister acknowledged, in December of that year there was “the early release of a radicalized man.” The young man apparently managed to deceive those responsible for the program for his reintegration and how he was able to obtain the weapons used in the attack is being investigated. “The system must be reviewed and optimized to detect and act against radicalized Islamists,” Nehammer said.

The Interior Minister noted that, According to early indications, the perpetrator of the attack probably acted alone and without the direct collaboration of other persons. Nehammer explained that no evidence of the presence of other terrorists had been found so far in the places where the events occurred. He added that Police experts had viewed in detail more than 50% of the videos shot by witnesses – citizens delivered almost 20,000 recordings – and security cameras during the attack without discovering the presence in the images of other armed persons.

Nevertheless, the center of Vienna will continue in a state of maximum alert and isolated by the Police until the situation is completely under control, said the minister, but also to prevent attacks by other radicals, show presence and minimize risks.

Nehammer stressed that the protagonist of the attack “was quickly neutralized”, he was “knocked out” just nine minutes after he began firing indiscriminately at people in his path, which prevented him from continuing to cause casualties. He also corrected up the number of the latter and pointed out that, In addition to the four deaths – two men and two women – there were 22 injured, including a policeman who was seriously hit by the gunman’s shots. The Austrian Interior Minister stressed that he owes his life to the quick and serene performance of two young Austrians of Turkish origin, who took him out of the danger zone and rushed him to an ambulance to be treated.

Arrests in Switzerland

The investigation led to registration of 18 homes in Vienna and other locations in the State of Lower Austria, together with the arrest of 14 people related to the perpetrator of the attack. Furthermore, two young Swiss men aged 18 and 24 were arrested in Winterthur, near Zurich. “Police investigations have made it possible to identify Swiss citizens” who were detained “in coordination with the Austrian authorities,” Zurich police said in a statement.

More ammunition and numerous indications of his militancy in the E was found in the home occupied by the young Islamist.I, pointed out Gerhard Pürstl, president of the Vienna Police, who revealed that the perpetrator of the attack collaborated in an exemplary manner with those who controlled his parole, although “his ultimate intention was to destroy the system.” Nehammer pointed out that his militancy in the IS was confirmed by the interested party himself by posting a photo on Instagram before the attack posing with his weapons and machete.

A young man who maintained ties with his Macedonian patients

Kujtim Fejzulai was born 20 years ago in Vienna. His family had just arrived in Austria to seek a better life. They had left behind a house in North Macedonia and many relatives, but Fejzulai had not lost his Macedonian roots and returned every year to visit his other land. His grandfather said yesterday that every year the young grandson passed through Cellopek, a mountainous village in the western part of the country. His statements to the local television station Klan Macedonia TV were made in the Albanian language of North Macedonia – the family belongs to the Albanian minority.

In the village the family was well known. An Islamic cleric from Cellopek, Nuri Ganii, told Reuters news agency that he knew the relatives well and that they all spoke well of them. “Only today did we learn that a person (from that family) was involved in terrorism. I mean that terrorism has no link with Islam. ‘ Another villager, Fadil Limany, said: “I only know good things about his parents and his family. He was born and lived there … he is from a good family. I don’t know how it came to mind.


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