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«The island of temptations»: insults, anger and the unexpected planted from Rubén to Fani


«The island of temptations», the last sin of the average spectator, comes to an end. The program presented by Mónica Naranjo promises to reveal the outcome of all the frames she has fed during the brief (but intense) month she has been on the air. The first couple to meet was Cristofer and Fani, who already had to face each other last week. The Chilean decided to leave the program without his girl, while she decided to stay in Villa Montaña to see if Rubén ends up falling into his charms. Alert, spoiler: it won’t.

The night began with one of the main dishes of «The Island of Temptations»: Andrea had to face Ishmael. The couple took a few seconds to greet each other. He didn’t do it until Monica Naranjo gave them foot. The young man was calm and respectful at all times. «I will not disrespect you. You have done what you felt, do not feel guilty. Now we’ll talk and that’s it, ”he said.

Andrea followed the tactic of an attack is the best defense. «I have seen his attitudes in which I recognized the Ishmael that I have met outside. I’ve seen you moved by revenge, ”he snapped. However, Ishmael knew how to maintain his composure and assured him that his attitude in the reality show has been moved by “respect, faithfulness and loyalty.” «I wasn’t going to waste my time since you weren’t doing it either. I wanted to meet someone. (…) Because seeing your girlfriend get into bed with another man is not easy, ”he said.

«You have to see some images together»: Mónica Naranjo gave rise to a compilation of the passage of both through the reality show. Andrea tried to justify herself. He said that during his stay at Villa Montaña he had discovered that he had normalized his boy’s attitudes that were not the most appropriate. “I have opened my eyes,” he confessed. “The eyes nothing more?” Replied that he was her boyfriend so far. «Going to bed with another person having a boyfriend or wank is not opening your eyes. I thank you for showing yourself as you really are, ”he added.

Finally, it was time that Andrea was arriving: that of the break. He left without Ishmael, but did not leave the program alone. “I went into being a princess and I’m going to be a queen,” he said with Oscar holding hands.

A montage and a reconciliation

Monica: “Is the wedding still standing?”

Fiama: “We’ll see that.”

The reunion between Fiama and Alex was also tense. The Canary went to the stake to confront the clear ideas: «I don’t know Alex as much as I thought». The young woman could not understand why her partner had asked another boy, one of the singles, to take care of her. “Why do you have to say anything to anyone?” He reproached his partner, visibly regretful. Alex’s attitude had little or nothing to do with what he had shown so far in Villa Playa. Among the images that Monica Narajo showed the couple, were those that appeared the young man in a white dress dancing next to Gonzalo. «I don’t recognize you. At that moment you swallowed Gonzalo and vomited him twice, ”said his girl.

Alex was unsure of his time in the program when he saw how Fiama had distrusted him, how he had removed his engagement ring. However, the Canary surprised him when he confessed that he wanted to return home with her. “In the end I love him madly, but sometimes I would kill him,” he confessed. “Does this mean that the wedding is still standing?” Asked the singer. “We’ll see that,” she replied.

“You are lucky that I am trying to control my impulses,” Fiama told him as they left the bonfire together. Although Fiama made the decision without any pressure, he was doubtful about the duration of his relationship with Alex. «’The island of temptations’ has helped me to discover its defects and insecurities. Either that changes or we won’t be able to get anywhere, ”he said.

Two breaks in the same bonfire
Fani came to the program as one of the members of the longest-running couple of “The Island of Temptations,” but she was also the first to fall into temptation with Ruben. “During my time in this program I have ended a seven-year relationship, but it has helped me free myself and know how to think more about me,” he said before sitting at the stake. He assured that there is nothing left of the Fani that started the program: “I feel liberated.” He didn’t miss his ex-boyfriend either. “Right now, I prefer Rubén to Cris,” he confessed.

The Madrid had to face images of her partner. The first showed their emotional farewell. Gradually, the cuts showed how Cristofer suffered when he saw his behavior. They even showed him the already more recognized “Estefanííía!”. “I feel very sorry, but where my heart commands …”, he confessed. «You have to admire your partner, feel proud of him. I didn’t have that, ”he added.

Within seconds, Fani went from crying to laughter when the team showed him a review of his new romance. “Do you want to leave ‘The island of temptations’ alone or with Ruben?” Monica Naranjo asked. “I want to go with Ruben,” he replied. It was then that the singer gave way to the hitherto single, who recognized “being very nervous.” «We have been very well in the house. What I did was because I felt it. But over the years I have realized that I have to pay more attention to reason than to the heart. If you have entered here with a person with whom you have had a seven-year relationship, why won’t it happen out there with me? I leave alone, ”he said.

A cry is worth a thousand words
“Did you just say you don’t know if you’re in love with me?” If a phrase had to summarize the bonfire of Susana and Gonzalo it would be this. The winner of “GH 14” could not hold back her tears when she saw her partner. His last interventions at the stake had been to say that he felt ashamed of the performance of the one he knew inside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra. “I’ve been waiting for a few days to feel something, but nothing,” she confessed.

«I have super clear that I love him, but I have not felt anything. I have not been jealous and that makes me doubt, ”he reflected. The couple had gone to “The Island of Temptations” to fan the spark of the beginning, but failed. “What I feel is what I said,” Susana repeated. Despite his partner’s attitude, Gonzalo made it clear that he wanted to leave the reality show with her. «I can’t imagine a life without her. Give me a chance, please, ”he pleaded. However, the end was not what he wanted. “I want to go alone with a pending conversation with him,” he said before leaving the bonfire.

The last hope
José made it clear from the first moment that if he and Adelina were able to overcome the challenge that «The island of temptations» would entail, he would ask him to marry in front of the cameras. The civil guard thought the experience would be easier than it has been. “You have raised doubts,” said Monica Naranjo. But the contestant preferred to keep what he learned during his time in the reality show. “I have had the opportunity to meet other girls and it has helped me to value the woman next to me,” he explained.

When they saw each other, José and Adelina merged into a hug and among whispers they said they loved each other. Despite that, Monica was in charge of reminding her what had bothered her to see her boy doubt her. «Fears appear because the situation in the village has been complicated. I can be very clear about what you and I have, but I have let myself be absorbed a little by others, ”he explained. .


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