The isolation of patients with Covid-19 in hotels remains rare in France

Evening tour of reservist doctors caring for patients with Covid-19 at the Première Classe hotel near Perpignan on April 8. JEAN-CHRISTOPHE MILHET FOR “THE WORLD”

To control the Covid-19 epidemic, France has so far made no choice to isolate infected people in hotel facilities. However, the idea seems to be gaining ground: in a letter sent on Monday April 6 to the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, the Paris City Council proposed to “Facilitate the mobilization of dedicated sites and hotels” to house Parisians affected by the virus and who “Cannot be confined to their homes in satisfactory conditions to protect those around them from contamination”.

At the regional health agency (ARS) Ile-de-France, we do not close the door to such a solution, already implemented in other countries. If the subject is not identified as a priority, it is ensured that a “Active thinking” is conducted in such a way as to “Be able to respond on D-day”, if such a decision were to be made.

If patients with Covid-19 have been isolated in hotels in recent weeks across the country, it is primarily to relieve high-pressure hospitals. The Public Assistance-Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP) announced on April 5 the opening of 38 places in the premises of the national training center of the French Tennis Federation, in the 16e Paris district, to receive patients “Whose state of health no longer requires hospitalization but who cannot yet return home for reasons of contagiousness of those around them”.

Objective stated: free up hospital beds. “It is not the mission of the hospital to control the epidemic, it does not have the means to put in place œimplement a large-scale patient isolation plan “, underlines Bruno Riou, the AP-HP crisis medical director, who regrets that such a concept, “Essential”, “Was not set up in France”.


In the Pyrénées-Orientales, since March 26, it has been a hotel on the outskirts of Perpignan which has been welcoming patients with Covid-19 or patients with symptoms of the disease. They are discharged from hospital or they are sent by one of the eleven Covid centers in the Pyrénées-Orientales department. “The initiative comes from doctors at the Perpignan hospital center who estimated that many beds were occupied by patients who could have released them. They invoked an imperative need to have the largest number of beds available in anticipation of the expected wave “, explains Philippe Chopin, the prefect of the department.

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