The Ispeb has reduced the incidence of malaria in Bolívar state by more than 50%

With a free job in favor of the population, they indicated from the Ispeb.

Courtesy of Ispeb Press | Care has been provided, delivery of medicines to the population for free

With tireless work from the government of Bolívar state through the Institute of Public Health (Ispeb), the incidence of malaria has been reduced by 54% in the entity, hand in hand with attention and action against it. disease.

This is how progress has been made with the increase in the diagnostic network, and training of health personnel, together with house-to-house visits and fumigation, which has generated more than 2,800,000 people benefited in the entity.

Added to this is the expansion of the diagnostic network in the different municipalities, with more than 300 centers ready to provide free and quality care for the population.

This has led to the increase in the delivery of early treatment of chloroquine, primaquine, among others, after the diagnosis as well as the distribution of mosquito nets, timely access to the diagnosis of malaria with blood sampling and rapid tests.

All this work that has been carried out throughout the state of Bolívar has allowed us a 97% reduction in death from malaria, as well as a 92% reduction in maternal deaths from malaria.

This has only been possible with an integrated work of the national government through the Ministry of Popular Power for Health, and the management of Governor Justo Noguera Pietri through the Ispeb, giving the day-to-day battle against malaria.

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