The Javis reveal in ‘El Hormiguero’ how they met Madonna

They are more than just a nice couple. Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo have created a brand, Los Javis, and through it they channel their talent creating stories that capture and excite. In addition, the duo exposes their ingenuity in spaces such as ‘Mask Singer’ or ‘Drag Race Spain’ and there they show that improvisation is also good for them, letting themselves be carried away by their impulses and conquering the audience with their naturalness. They both did it again in ‘El Hormiguero’.

That same day, the filmmakers had shared a chat with the Kings of Spain. They agreed with the monarchs at the opening of an exhibition on Berlanga and were not shy when talking to them. “We have talked about Berlanga, Miyazaki, Almodóvar … It has been more natural than we expected,” they admitted in duet. Researchers at ‘Mask Singer’, the Javises discovered what measures they run in the format to prevent leaks. «I don’t know if people know that the mask is revealed in the most absolute secrecy. When they take it off, there is hardly anyone on the set. They throw out the public before so that they do not tell anything, “said Ambrossi. “And some of them leave indignant,” qualified his companion from fatigue.

The couple is also a judge in ‘Drag Race Spain’, “a legendary American television program that has arrived here. It is a drag Queens contest in which they have tests of everything. The space aims to show how complete a drag is. People discover that there is a lot of work behind it. It comes a little to demand that we consider the limits of things, that we take off the backpacks with which they carry us, ”they claimed. Both believed that they dare to do everything because they go beyond criticism. «That there are them in networks is nothing new, if they criticize you even for going to buy bread», they denounced. And Calvo added: «I was very addicted to the networks and I hardly do the programs for fear of being criticized. And suddenly, magically, they disabled my Twitter account. And they have made me happy. I realized that what other people thought influenced me a lot ».

Filmmakers climb the ranks of fame almost without realizing it. «One night, at three in the morning, I receive a message saying that Madonna wants to meet us. I woke up Javi and sent him to shave and get ready. Then he made us wait half an hour, so we had coffee. And finally he called us », revealed Calvo. The singer told them that she had loved ‘Veneno’, the series they have directed about the life of Cristina Ortiz. “We got on so well that she encouraged us to go and meet her. We met at her house in London and she was lovely. He is a magical person ”, they asserted without wanting to go into more details. “What happened at home is for our privacy,” they said.


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