The Jazz festival in Saint-Germain-des-Prés is played in virtual mode

“Borders, restrictions? We can abolish them through music! “ proclaims Jazz in Saint-Germain-des-Prés. The Parisian festival entrusts this task, from Tuesday May 25, to accordionist, clarinetist and composer Vincent Peirani for an exclusive creation, Mixtape#3 Unprecedented journey without borders. The artist, who constantly experiments with mixing genres and crossing musical cultures, will be well surrounded by koto player Mieko Miyazaki, guitarist Federico Casagrande, cellist Vincent Ségal and folk singer Piers Faccini.

→ ZOOM. Piers Faccini, a new album in the form of a trance for the earth

A choice piece to launch this twentieth edition, which runs until June 4, 2021, entirely in livestream, therefore not free, but also rich in exclusive events that herald the coming jazz summer.

The cream of French jazz

Jazz à Saint-Germain-des-Prés has chosen a simple format for its virtual festival-goers: all the concerts will be original creations and will last approximately one hour. The public will be able to enrich their digital experiences by going behind the scenes of the shooting with images of the rehearsals, chatting live during the concert and meeting the artists by video at the end of the performances.

The program brings together the cream of French jazz of the moment: to Vincent Peirani and his friends, pianist Laurent Coulondre will succeed, who will pay a vibrant tribute to his master, Michel Petrucciani, who died in 1999. Sacred artist of the year at the Victoires du Jazz 2020, Laurent Coulondre will play in sextet, with bassist Jérémy Bruyère, André Ceccarelli on drums and three wind instrumentalists, Nicolas Folmer (trumpet), Denis Leloup (trombone) and Stéphane Guillaume (saxophone).

Dance and jazz will meet at the summit on 1is June. Japanese choreographer and dancer Kaori Ito will “converse” with trumpeter Airelle Besson and violinist Théo Ceccaldi for a highly anticipated creation, a dialogue between three major artists.

Michel Portal, 85, still enthusiastic

Michel Portal finally, on June 4, will give in trio his first concert since the release of his new album “MP85”, hailed by The cross.

→ CRITICAL. Portal, the return

“MP85 proves from the first notes that Michel Portal has lost nothing of his enthusiasm or taste for nomadism, borrowing from many musical terroirs, including at the end of the album, a moving Basque song (Euskal Kantua ) to quasi-liturgical sounds “. The sacred clarinet and saxophone monster, 85, will be accompanied by pianist Bojan Z and double bassist Bruno Chevillon, for this journey between Africa, Armenia and the Basque Country, also laughing at borders through music.


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