The ‘joke’ to Junior on TV that outraged U fans: they accuse racism and call to denounce | Soccer

An attempt at ‘prank’ has to Manuel De Tezanos and the ‘Todos Somos Técnicos’ team from TNT Sports at the center of the controversy. In social networks, University of Chile fans condemned the presenter’s statements and They accused the popular program of being racist.

But what caused the outrage of the blue fanatic? While one of the journalists of the channel announced the probable formation of the ‘U’ for the duel on Wednesday against Santiago Wanderers, a shadowed and predefined image where the photo of Junior Fernandes should have gone generated the questioned ‘joke’.

“It looks the same in the photo Junior”De Tezanos said with a laugh, causing laughter from some panelists and gestures of surprise from others.

After the obsolete ‘joke’, the journalist continued with a questioning of the production of the program and expressed: “How can we not take a picture of Junior? He has played 500 times for the National Team “.

However, despite the uncomfortable moment lived among the panelists, De Tezanos continued in the same line and He joked again, alluding to the skin color of both Fernandes and the journalist Jorge Cubillos. “Is it you or Junior in the photo?”

A situation that caused the outrage of fans of the lay cast on Twitter, where they expressed their rejection of the unusual ‘joke’ considering it racist, while others made a call to denounce that chapter to the National Television Council.



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